you need
  • festive table, the Internet, mobile money, souvenirs.
easiest if congratulating at the same time is also invited to your birthday.You sit at the banquet table, the guests each other toasts, and in the late evening hero of the occasion arises and delivers a return toast, which thanks its guests for congratulations, for a nice evening spent and for what they have in his life.
If you want an original way to respond to birthday greetings,
writing a funny poem (if you do not know yourself, please visit "Assistant poet", which gives a rhyme to the given word), prepare for the loved ones symbolic souvenirs.Tradition give guests small we launched developed in the West.Usually, so do the mother, arranging holidays for their children, but also adults, guests will be delighted to get the yo-yo, an interesting opener or something like that.
If you are familiar with the early morning began to send you an SMS with congratulations, and you do not want to come up with for each original answer, write phrases like "thank you for the congratulations, I am very pleased" and send a mass mailing.Similarly, we can proceed with the congratulations received by e-mail.
Congratulations on social networks Vkontakte and Facebook and that is easier.Write in the status of "thank you all for the congratulations," and do not suffer with the answers to each of the three hundred friends.
If you are at loggerheads with the man who congratulates you, it is better not to throw out accusations at him in response to the SMS or phone call.Just thank him for congratulations or ignore them if you do not want to have anything to do with him.After all, it's your birthday, and you should not spoil his grievances and communicating with unpleasant for you people.
As for the most native people, for them the best answer to your sincere congratulations to the joy of the holiday udavshegosya that they will have arranged.