So, the easiest to produce are flat cardboard mask.For the manufacture of masks needed thick cardboard, colored paper and a variety of parts for processing (eg, foil, rhinestones, shiny adhesive film), as well as glue, gum, or a thin rope for fixing the mask and scissors.The cardboard cut out the desired shape of the mask (it is possible to draw or use a ready-made template), then the mask is cut out and glued colored paper (foil or film) and decorated.Along the edges of the mask made holes for mounting gum.In this way, the mask is better to do glasses, so they do not need a bump, but look very mysterious.

To make a mask out of papier-mache need clay (plasticine), glue, plain paper (such as newsprint), construction paper, scissors, brush, gauze (bandage), and petrolatum.First, you must make the basis for the mask (but you can use ready-made).To do this, you can grease the face with Vaseline and put on a thick layer of clay.Allow to dry for an hour.Carefully remove the cut out holes for eyes and mouth, lay with gauze and leave to dry for about 24 hours.If clay is not, you can use clay.At this time, you can rip the paper into small pieces.

Model masks before pasting better lubricated with petroleum jelly.This is followed by gently spread on the model soaked pieces of paper between the layers and apply the adhesive.So you need to make 4-5 layers.One or two coats of a better lay out construction paper, so the mask will be more durable.After that, the mask must be left to dry thoroughly.Dried mask should be primed with a solution of chalk and glue.After the primer has dried, the mask can be decorated (paint, paste rhinestones).

very similar ways to make masks made of cloth, but instead of using different pieces of paper scraps, which are also lubricated by the adhesive.Masks of tissue is much easier and more pleasant to wear than papier-mache.Perhaps to make tissue without the use of a mask substrate.For this fabric cut the desired shape on the pattern cut several samples, all samples were then glued starch and paste.After that, the mask is dried and decorated.Such masks are made with soul and imagination, easily replace a carnival costume.