Select a destination.You choose not only the direction of his work, but also future genre tracks.Music - is creativity, and creativity is a human soul.Choose what the soul:
- Lyrics.Often this is a song about love, romance, about something sad;
- Betl- rap .Here at the forefront of daring displayed.The songs can be heard threats and profanity;
- labor rap .Singing about everything that surrounds you.You read only the truth, no matter how bitter it may be.That's the beauty;
- Other.Yet there are many genres, but they are like from above.Find yourself in one of them and you will succeed.
first text.Write about what you need, what you have in mind.The closer the text to life, the higher its popularity.The theme chosen a
ccording to the style that you have come up with themselves in advance.The simpler words, so you "closer to the people."Learn how to describe everything that is happening on your street than breathe neighbors and people in general.
writing music.The text is written, but there is no music.It is recommended to first find the music, and then write the words, but it's a private matter.Whatever you like.Music turnips - a bit, instrumentals or minus.All this is one and the same.We found a suitable negative (on the Internet, in the collections minus) and start trying to read a prepared speech.In this case, hearing and need care.Stick until until you get the ideal.
recording the first track.This procedure is the most problematic and difficult.First you need to find a suitable sound card and a microphone.You can buy it all.If there is no money, take my friends for a couple of days.Connects to the computer all the equipment.Install the program to record their own tracks (ideal program Adobe Audition).Download a couple of manuals and deal with it.Try to write a few of its bits.Gradually, complicates the task.