you need
  • Glass glasses, lace or satin ribbon, rhinestones, transparent adhesive, the outline for the stained glass, acrylic paints for glass, brush, alcohol, saucer, sugar, lemon, kiwi, orange, pineapple, strawberry, mint leaves, skewers, ice, berries.
Decorate the glass ribbon from the ribbon.
Wrap glass lace or satin ribbon.Tie a beautiful bow.Fix the adhesive tape on the glass at several points, so that it does not slip.Small multicolored rhinestones glued above and below the tape to the glass.
painted glasses paints for glass.
degrease glass by wiping it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.Apply contour simple or complex pattern.Thin brush and acrylic paint transparent glass inside the contour, consistent with the invented figure.Dry the paint.Such glass can be washed under running water with a soft sponge, dra
wing not oblezet.
Make a sugar rim on the rim of the glass.
take two saucers.In one pour water or syrup, in the second pour sugar.

Lower the glass rim in the first liquid and then into sugar.Sweet edge to shake over the sink to remove non-adhering grains of sand.
take a piece of lemon, hold it on the rim of the glass, leaving a wet strip.Turn the glass in a saucer with sugar.Shake off the excess over the sink.
Fruit decorations.
Cut lemon, orange or lime into round slices.Cut open fruit slices half and place on the edge of the glass.
Major strawberries cut up the middle and fasten the edge of the glass.
strung on a long skewer pineapple, cherry, kiwi, mint leaf.Fruit skewer to put across the glass.
thin fruit knife to cut a long curl of the peel.Edge curls dipped in a glass, and the long end can be wrapped around a leg or left to hang freely.