Be the first page of the best portrait photographers mother .Make it a title, create and assign a fun thesis.For example: "Fifty - twice in twenty-five."Pick and framed photos in an unusual frame of paper flowers, hearts and lace.Beautifully will look if all the pictures in the anniversary album will be decorated in the same style.
Select interesting, unusual and fun photos from the family archives.They should be the most memorable and popular with her mother.Pick quotes, wise thoughts and just warm poems about mothers.Well, if you write something yourself, but if you do not have the poetic gift, the suit matched with a string of good poets soul.
first part of the album make an image that reflects the life of mother from infancy to the anniversary
, Collect pictures or just the most important moments: end of school and the institution, marriage, birth of children, etc.
Lay on the pages of the album in chronological order photographs.Think of them trivial signature, choose appropriate citations.Gather into one photo and text.Do not forget about the frame.Glue the pictures to the album pages and decorative moldings, make labels.
next part of the album dedicate memories.Try to remember funny and touching stories from the life of mother and write them down.Illustrate memories of interesting photos.
Become a "magician" and fulfill my mother's cherished dream.Think and find out what she wants most.Maybe going to Paris, scuba dive or off in a ball gown.Pick up pictures from magazines, suitable pictures and make photo collage, where all my mother's dream come true.
come up with unique, written specifically for moms , congratulations and place it at the end of the album.It can be both in verse and in prose.Leave after greeting a few free pages for commemorative pictures.
Empty seats in the album (between photos and texts), cover with foil or colored paper, decorate with lace, braid beads, sequins, rhinestones or beads.