Tip 1: How to knit jumpsuit for a newborn

Soft, warm and comfortable suit - very comfortable clothing for the baby.Choose soft yarn for knitting, make a convenient clasp, and the problem of what to dress the newborn for a walk on a cool day, will disappear by itself.
you need
  • - 300 g of yarn;
  • - remnants of yarn in a contrasting color for finishing;
  • - straight spokes number 2;
  • - circular needle number 2;
  • - a needle with a large eye;
  • - 16 buttons.
Start knitting at the back of the leg.Type in the spokes of 32 loops.Knit 3 cm rubber band 1x1.Gradually add in the last row of loops 12 (as a result of the spokes should be 44 loops).Then knit facial embroidery.
the right side add on to the side bevels in every eighth row of a loop 11 times, at the same time add on the left - in every twelfth number one loop 8 times (of the spokes should have 63 loops).
After 26 cm from the start knitting close to a stepper weld once with 2 loops and 1 loop once in every second row.Hinges, remove the auxiliary needle.Knitt
ing set aside.
second leg tie in a similar way but in mirror image.Next move hinges both on leg work spokes front satin stitch and knit 24 cm.
Next start vyvyazyvayut raglan line.For this subtract from each side 12 of the loop 2 times and 24 times for one loop in each second row.Close all the loops in 17 centimeters from the beginning of the line Raglan.
Begin to knit in the same way as described in steps № 1-4.Then close both sides once in 6 loops for straps and continue to knit right.
raglan close to the line on both sides of 24 cm from the beginning of the front of the 6 times in 2 sts 17 times and 1 st in every other row.To close the neck average 17 loop through 11 centimeters from the beginning of the line Raglan.Then knit each side separately.
To turned rounded neckline, close 3 times 3 loops in each second row.After 14 cm from the beginning of the line raglan close the remaining loops.The other side of knit symmetrically.
For sleeve type 46 loops and knit 3 cm 1x1 eraser.Throw in the last row of loops 14 (as a result of the spokes should have 60).Then knit facial embroidery.
Turn up the sleeves for a bevel on one loop in each third row 17 times and 2 times, one every second row.
After 17 cm from the start knitting the sleeves close to the line of Raglan on the right side of every second row 6 times to 2 loops and 23 times on the one side, and the left at the same time close 7 times at 2 loops and 29times, one in each second row.
After 14 cm from the beginning of the line on the right side of Raglan, close to the neck in every second row, once the loop 4 and 6 times to 3 loops.Close all remaining sts after 17 centimeters from the beginning raglan.
Dial thread of contrasting color on circular needles for the brackets of the neck 63 forehand loop on the back neck - 33 loops and knit 2 cm elastic 1x1.For type fastener strips 139 loops and knit elastic band, run for 8 holes for fasteners in 16 loops from one another.
Straps sewn to the front.Run side and shoulder seams.Sew sleeves.Sew the flat buttons.Overalls for the newborn is ready.

Tip 2: How to tie spokes clothes newborn

Newborn babies should dress in warm functional clothing.Assign spoke stuff for kids is easy.In addition, they obtained a very warm and beautiful.The work is not hard, but a lot of fun.
How to tie spokes clothing newborn
you need
  • needles, yarn and inspiration
Yarn should be only natural - wool or cotton.Best of unpainted natural or white.Dyes can be bad for the newborn baby.Knitting needles have to have two.The thickness of the spokes should be approximately equal to the thickness of the selected thread.
Before you start you need to select the knitting pattern.Better things to knit baby face embroidery.(Front ranks - face loops, purl rows - purl loops).Then you must link the sample, about 20-30 loops in width, 20-30 rows in height.Remove the needles associated with the slice.Mash it in his hands, stretching in different directions.Then count the loops as loops in one centimeter.
craftswomen Beginners should start with a simple model.For example, you can associate a small blanket or a blanket for the baby.To do this, you need to determine what size you want to get a blanket.We need the following inputs - width and length.To determine the number of loops of the future product width in inches is multiplied by the number of loops in one centimeter.Get the right number of hinges.Then tie the direct fabric twice as long as the original size.Close the loop.The resulting web to steam iron through a linen cloth.The web is then folded in half, sew woolen thread around the edges.Received a warm, beautiful quilt.
Then you can move on to more complicated things.Blouse or pants for the baby, too, it is easy to tie.Also, you must first measure the inch all the details.The length, width, product, sleeve length.Remember or write down the results.If you want to associate a larger size, added a few centimeters by any measure.
need to start knitting with gum.When knitting alternate between the right and wrong of the loop.For gum is sufficient to link two centimeters.Then fit the base web.In the process of knitting is necessary as much as possible to put knitted fabric to a selected sample, it would be more accurate vyvyazana detail.Once work is completed, it is necessary to steam all the related items through a linen cloth.Staple items hands of woolen thread.
not tighten with knitting for newborns.Children at this age are growing rapidly and may grow out of another nedovyazannoy clothing.
Helpful Hint
Do not try to directly contact a complex thing.The failure may discourage knitting.Start with the simplest.
  • how to knit clothes for newborn
When choosing yarn for knitting baby a simple test.Attach a coil to the cheek.Threads should be gentle and soft, should not be "biting".
  • overalls for the newborn
  • knit overalls for the newborn