you need
  • White rose, blue ink, water, bank
process of painting the roses is simple and takes time from 15 hours to a day.It is necessary to take the white rose and pre-cut leaves, otherwise they too succumb to the color and the bud is longer painted.
How to make a blue rose
Pour into a jar hundred grams of water at room temperature and add ink.Mix well water.The consistency of the paint itself should be darker tone than expected color roses.
How to make a blue rose
Cut about a centimeter on a diagonal from the stem.It is necessary for a better hydration, i.e. water absorption.
How to make a blue rose
Put rose in pure water for at least 15 hours.Stem must be immersed to the level of about three centimeters.Do not forget to periodically look like colored rose, as it can absorb the paint better than you expect.Once the bud will turn and pull the rose and place in ordinary water.