you need
  • hour, day and year of your birth.
If your birth date falls on a time when one character is replaced by another, those who are born before 12 pm relate to the previous character.
Use your date of birth to determine your zodiac symbol.

March 21 - April 20 - Aries

April 21 - May 20 - Taurus

May 21 - June 20 - Twins

June 21 - July 20 - Cancer

July 21 - August 21 - Leo

August 22 -21 September - Virgo

September 22 - October 22 - Scales

October 23 - November 21 - Scorpio

November 22 - December 20 - Sagittarius

December 21 - January 19 - Capricorn

January 20 - February 18 - Aquarius

February 19 - March 20 - Fish
Many modern astrologers claim that these limits were adopted at the Assembly of the International Astronomical Union back in 1928, and during that time the annual path of the sun among the stars has changed, and includesa thirteenth zodiacal constellation - Ophiuchus.It has been proposed to reform the zodiac circle, make it this constellation, which will correspond to people born between November 30 and December 17 and shift the other zodiac signs, according to the current status.But as long as the decision has not yet been approved, check your horoscope, we focus on the traditional zodiac.
Chinese horoscope is based on the affiliation of a person, date of birth, to a certain lunar year.If you were born in January or February, your lunar year may differ from your solar year of birth.

find on the Internet a table, which shows the start and end dates of the lunar years and animal symbols of the year.See which animal is right for you by year and date of birth.It can be Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox, Tiger, Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Horse, Rooster, Dog and Boar.Now you can search your Chinese horoscope.