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Before you begin to learn to play the guitar, check the Internet video tutorials, or ask friends guitarists show you visually how to take the bar.Please note, you need to master this technique necessarily because it is the foundation of the structure of many of the chords, and just need to use some musical compositions.When fluency bar you will not have far to carry a hand on the neck, just at the same time hold all or some of the strings on one tune.
Remember, there are 2 types of bar - it is big or small.In the first case the clamp or all five strings to tune, and the second - less than five strings.Do not worry if you did not happen immediately.Daily exercise.Start with the least complex (small bar), and then gradually proceed to the more complex
(great bar).Keep in mind for the development of the bar you may take months, so be patient and slowly keep on training.
Sit back, relax back and take up the guitar.Forefinger hold multiple or all of the string at one fret, and the remaining fingers, lift over the stamp.At the same time keep the index finger straight and parallel metal nut fret.And to ensure its extension, bend your arm at the wrist.
Be careful, the finger must not protrude above the upper string.The remaining fingers hold a chord.At first it will seem difficult, but after a while the hands get used to, and you will succeed!
In order to take some chords bar, bend your finger and place it at a slight angle with respect to fret.But before it in until finger lying straight.If you are tired, take a break and then start training.
Remember, learning to play the guitar, you can easily take the bar, clamping the strings while the other fingers to move freely.