you need
  • - colored paper
  • - paper for scrapbooking
  • - scissors
  • - adhesive
  • - pencil
  • - liquid pearls
  • - flowers for scrapbooking
  • - Photo
  • - driedFlowers
  • - lace
  • - feathers
  • - foam adhesive tape.
If cover notebook you are not satisfied with glue - glue stick a piece of paper for scrapbooking color you like.You can combine several sheets, cut out a rectangle to cover two or four squares.If the original cover quite picturesque, you can work on it.
It would be nice to decorate a notebook photo of its owner (a loved one, a child, a dog).To do this, cut skrapbumagi picture frame.Do not forget to pr
e-measure the size of the photo frame and do exactly according to him.Take a length of lace, gather it into folds, beneath the frame and your stick.
on colored or white paper, draw a butterfly, cut it out and stick near the corner of your frame using the glue stick.If you are uncomfortable drawing, butterfly stencil better to download from the Internet and printed out.Also, the work is much easier if you have curly punch - you can do it with the help of a butterfly.
Now cut out skrapbumagi additional decorative elements.Usually registration notebooks used flowers, birds, leaves.Glue them on the cover with adhesive.Also, for decorating a notebook, use dried flowers and petals.Suitable for this purpose and fine feathers of birds.Try several options for the location of decorative items, select which song you like, and only then glue on the cover.
One of the elements can be voluminous.To do this, instead of glue, use a foam adhesive tape.
Very nice look notebooks decorated with liquid pearls.They can draw spirals and different patterns, varying with the size of the droplets of small to large "pearls."
now paste it into a frame advance your chosen photo.Your own ready made notebook.