you need
  • - Photo;
  • - computer with Adobe Photoshop;
  • - scanner.
photos from your digital device, transfer directly to a computer.If you want to make a scheme for old photographs or have only a film camera, the image to be scanned.Too many do not need permission, fairly standard was 300 dpi.Small photos advisable to increase the scanning or during processing.
Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop.At first it may seem that there are too many colors, and that you do not have so many different threads.It is possible that a few Hanks floss you have to buy, but do not rush.After processing the images of shades it will be significantly less.
Go to the top menu and find a drop-down menu "Image" .Schelknite the left mouse button, and you will have a column label.In different versions of the program or look for the line "correction" or "Settings".Stand on the line.You will see another drop-down menu.Find the inscription "posterize┬╗
Before you jump out the window in which to insert a number.That depends on it, how many colors will remain in the palette.The lower layer - the less the ground color hues.Put, for example, the number "4".You can use the preview.If the desired level you want, click "OK".
look again at the top menu and find the label "Filter".The drop-down menu, find the line you need a "Design".The program offers a choice of several options for registration.By selecting "Mosaic", again you will see a small window in which you need to put a figure.Experiment.It establishes the size and number of squares.The best option for a small embroidery - from 4 to 6. Then apply the filter: "Sharpness".Photo have been divided into cells, it remains only to make them more visible.
Enable "Grid."It is located in the top menu under the word "type".You will see a mesh of vertical and horizontal lines.Align the image on it.Every 10-11 cells perform the vertical and horizontal lines parallel to the guide.To do this it is advisable to use the menu "Tools", which is usually on the left.Select where tool "Line", run one, copy it, and the rest of the insert and slide to the right places.Print the image on the entire sheet.