you need
  • - satin ribbon;
  • - thread;
  • - sewing needle.
In one of the ways to minimize rose from the tape, the center of the flower is formed by retracting one end of the ribbon inside the bundle.To produce such roses, choose a time when you will be able to do needlework, without being distracted by other things.Flower folding process is not complicated, but if it is interrupted, not finished, the blank bloom.
Prepare cut satin ribbons about a meter long.The length of the material depends on its width: one narrow strip rosette need less than broad.If the Atlas is not stored on a roll, otutyuzhte him not to get too rumpled flower.
Fold strip in half lengthwise.Turn the end which is turned down at right angles to the second half of the tape.
Bend the bottom end of the tape so that it lies on top of the resulting corner.As a result, the bottom turned out to have the other end of the tape.Put it up by bending at the intersection of satin ribbons.In this way, add all the stuff until you have tails remain no longer than five centimeters.In the process, hold the resulting stack, so that it does not slip and does not blossomed.
After nearly all turned out to be folded satin, grab the intersection tapes fingers and gently pull the lower end of the belt, hold the upper edge.Satin garland which you receive will be gradually shortened.It should be the end of the garland: the resulting drawn into a bundle, it will turn into the middle of the roses.
shape of a flower made thus largely depends on the case.As soon as the rosette will get the final, in your view, the view, twist the tape at the base of the flower and fasten thread.If you draw too long segment of the tape, the flower will not very lush.In this case, stroke ribbon and fold it over.
This way you can make rosettes, not only because of heavy satin, but also from the air, translucent kapron tape.This flower, complete with small parts of a different color, suitable for gift wrapping decoration.Not bad look roses, folded in such a way from the tape, in which the edge of the enclosing thin metal wire.