you need
  • - thick colored paper or paperboard;
  • - line;
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - glue.
of densely colored paper cut frame size photo graphy.The form of the frame can be very different - rectangular, square, round, oval.Good will look wrong frame of asymmetric form.Frame size make some more than photo graphy.
From cardboard sheet of a different color, cut the same figure in shape but slightly larger (about a centimeter over the entire contour).
On the reverse side of the first figure mark pencil place to post photos .The thickness of the frame should be approximately the same on all sides.According to draw the outline of a sharp knife or sc
issors stationery cut place photo graphy.Similarly, make a recess in the second workpiece.
first part of the frame garnish with the help of applications, using colored paper or lace.Enough to make frame according to one of the upper corners of the frame.Attach the applique so that the edge when it came bend the edges of the frame.Curved portion of the paper or lace applique attach to the underside of the frame glue, press with your fingers and wait until the glue dries.
Carefully glue together two colorful blank frame.Apply glue to the back side at the workpiece, evenly distributed over the surface.Apply to the surface of the second workpiece face to cutouts for photo graphy aligned.Put the parts to a small load.
from the next sheet of paper dense fabricate pocket photo .To do this, cut out the shape of the frame size.Mark the place in the photo graphite, combining frame with leaf and moving on a leaf shape.Add to the contour of approximately 1 cm on each side.On the edge of the envelope, apply adhesive and attach to the back of the frame.After the glue has dried, insert the frame photo .