First you need to open a photo , to make painted in the program Photoshop: "File" & gt; & gt;"Open."For example, for a start it will photo graphy girl.
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to result drawn photo you came to taste, you should try to look at the photos eyes of an artist.In this example, the girl's facial features are soft, smooth, so it is better not to do graphic design and "draw" it paints.
In the "Filter" menu, select "Simulation".(Another option: "Filter" - "Filter Gallery" - "Imitation").
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In principle, this menu command - everything you need to remember.From then on you can experiment by selecting a simulation pattern, "watercolor", "oil painting", "feathering", "dry brush", "fresco
", etc.If you liked any kind of simulation, it is necessary to correct the image using the settings on the right side of the desktop.For example, to simulate an oil painting you need to adjust the type and size of the brush, and sharpness.
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example simulate an oil painting on a photo .(In this case, the effect of imitation could be strengthened, but then turned to facial features indistinct.)
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This figure applied feather imitation.
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used in this example simulated watercolors.
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However, to get a photo drawn, not necessarily limited to the function "Simulation".For example, drawing a curious effect can be obtained using the "Focus on the edges" ("Filter" menu - "Strokes" - "The emphasis on margins").A similar function - "tilted (or cross)" touches.
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Another example: photo portrait of a young man.
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facial features clear, direct.Therefore, try to beat them (stress).For example, using the "Filter" - "Strokes" - "Stroke."
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You can also make photo imitation ink drawings.
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