you need
  • - Jeans;
  • - items for decoration (rags, ribbons, beads, beads, buckles).
Take old jeans.It does not matter if there are tears and abrasions fabrics - all this can be corrected, or even beneficial process, gives the product a special charm.Carefully stepping thrust and middle seam.
determine the size (depth) of the bag.If you want very brief bag, can cut both pant legs.If you want to bag a little bulkier, have little to reshape the product.The depth of the bags will depend on the state of the joints in old jeans.If they are badly frayed or gaps appear on the fabric, the best solution - to cut off the excess fabric.
For the short version of sharp scissors, cut the bag leg to remain pockets.Turn the jeans inside out, sour cream and Stitch car one seam -
bottom of the bag.For greater strength can be at the front of the thread to perform the decorative tone stitching bottom seam.
For volume model bags neatly on the table and mark with chalk pieces that need to be cut in order to obtain a flat part of the bag.Cut the leg.Sour cream and Sew seams.You should have some sort of skirt.Deep roomy bag requires a separate piece to the bottom and bumpers.Vykroyte of leg rests bumpers.The width of the make at least 8 cm. If the length of the leg enough, you can carve out a one-piece item - a side and bottom together.Carefully, baste the bumpers and the bottom, the seams were on the front side of the bag.Razlohmatte needle thread to get a fringe.
Tailor handles for bags.You can perform as one handle, sew it to the opposite side of the bag, and two, placing them as standard.Vykroyte from the remnants of leg strips of desired length, a width of not less than seven centimeters.Fold the piece handle three times and run the entire length of the seam at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from the edge of the fabric.Needles can be slightly razlohmatit free edge to get the fringe is on the edge of the bag.Stitched handles to the bag.
Zadekoriruyte finished product.Suit application from the remnants of denim, fringe, beads or ribbons.Wonderful and original bag ready.
How to sew a bag out of old jeans