Tip 1: What is the most terrifying horror movie in the world?

lovers of horror films from around the world for a long time arguing about what the film is the most terrible.The unequivocal answer to this question can not be, because each person has a sense of fear of their own, and thus really scare different people will be absolutely different picture.However, there are a number of films that hardly will satisfy those who like to tickle their nerves.
people of different temperament and character may scare completely different horror movies, but as a result of numerous ratings and surveys a number of films seriously moved forward.For the honorable first place in the list of the scariest horror films in the world ready to fight several paintings.

«Psycho" in 1960

Black and white psychological thriller Alfred Hitchcock's legendary rightly recognized as one of the leaders of the classic horror genre.The whole picture is permeated with an atmosphere of growing concern, anxiety and terror, it is an excellent addition to the soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann.The plot
of the film is interesting enough: she steals a huge sum of money from his boss and flees with her lover to start a completely new life, but the way she gets tired and turns the road into a nearby motel.The owner of the motel where the girl is going to sleep, a split personality ... is where the fun begins.

«Paranormal" 2007

Horror Oren Peli was filmed in just one week in the house of the director that did not prevent the painting to collect nearly $ 200 million in worldwide box office.In the story, a picture, a young couple suspects that their new home is living something supernatural, and sets the camera to keep track of everything going on in the house at night.Another feature of this horror film is that it is shot in mockumentary style.

«Nightmare on Elm Street" 1984

Perhaps one of the most famous horror films of all time was shot Wes Craven, he made his debut in the film Johnny Depp.Freddy Krueger - a maniac, massacred children, is to high school students in nightmares, and then they die in reality.In the film, the children try to find out who is Freddie and why he comes to him in dreams. sweater Freddy Krueger in the film is not by chance that the red-green color.Directed by reading that the combination of these two colors is the most difficult and unpleasant to read.

«1408» 2007

Michael Hovstrema film was shot on the story of the famous "King of Horror" by Stephen King.Action horror film takes place in the hotel where the famous writer arrived to find an unusual phenomenon in the infamous room 1408. The author himself in the existence of the afterlife does not believe, at least to stay in a hotel room.

«Shine» 1980

Picture Stanley Kubrick on the book by Stephen King had originally been destined for success.Excellent acting of the young Jack Nicholson makes one believe in everything that happens on the screen from the first minutes. wonder that Stephen King initially tried to dissuade the director of the film by inviting Jack Nicholson for the lead role in the film. The film also takes place in the hotel where the main character came with her family.

Tip 2: The worst horror

Horror Films - one of the highest-rated, popular film genres, and charges kartin- "horror" often exceed the income from global big-budget projects.Horror films are very diverse: from the blood through to the subtle psychological.
The worst horror
measures the degree of "horrible" modern films amount of blood spilled, or scenes of violence appears to not be the most objective way.Therefore, evaluation of films in this category is much more logical to produce at what effect that has a picture preview, a kind of index "strashnosti."

bloody horror

One of the most stressful and scary movies of the last five-year plan is a continuation of the history of Texas maniac "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D».The film is just one category increased bloody and violent scenes.The popularity of the film, mainly provide loyal fans - those who follow the development of events is not the first film in a row.
first horror movie in history is considered to be the film "Student of Prague", released in black and white in 1913.

mystical horror

Ekzortsistichesky thriller "The Exorcism" Emily Rose is able to keep the attention of even the skeptics to the final scene.The most famous film give two facts: the use of real scenes of exorcism and the fact that the film is based on real events, which increases the degree of its eeriness at times.

is popular and sequel Americo-Japanese co-production of "The Ring" (and also "call-2" and "Up 3").The intense, supercharged with mysticism horror film about a mysterious tape and call subsequent to its view, that inevitably end in death mystical heroes.


not lag behind in popularity and box office and remakes, so the palm of leadership among them can give a remake of old (1981 model year) horror film "The Evil Dead".The film "Evil Dead: The Black Book" certainly please fans of stories about zombies, because the picture on the screen of the plan appear less and less.

gaining popularity and a remake of the movie "Viy", which was released at the end of January 2014.This new interpretation of Gogol's story, which is largely framed as a detective with the elements of a healthy sense of humor and a high degree of mystique.The film in 2D objectively loses analog in 3D-performance, where the viewer is literally involved in the action, but it did not umalayaet artistic merit.

Remakes are rarely absolute leaders rolled.Their trouble involuntary comparison with the previous film.

realistic film

Among the leaders in the degree of eeriness undoubtedly include "Devil's Pass."Already real events that took place in the Ural Mountains in the middle of the last century, it is currently constitute the ideal basis for a horror movie.Especially scary becomes a film in which the real mystical facts are combined with the latest technology of cinema.The product turned out a truly chilling and requires a strong nervous system from the one who decides to watch a movie.
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