Imagine what would happen if everyone lived Aries, for example, in America, and all twins - in Australia.Absurd?But maybe you just want to spend your vacation or honeymoon with the maximum benefit.Analyze your character, temperament and looks.Locate on the map of the country that is most appropriate for your inner world or compilers trust horoscopes.Cold Pisces will be most comfortable in Finland and Bulgaria.In addition, the astronomers believe that the "fish" countries may become Iceland, Portugal, Greece, the Philippines and the island of Ceylon.Purposeful Aries suit Germany and Egypt, perhaps China.You can have a good time in Austria or Italy.Rest of Aries must be active, and the place full of events and
bright impressions.This place may be the Maldives.Restrained Taurus will feel great in the UK, Switzerland, Hawaii.If you have never been to Easter Island, you need to visit this corner of the planet.Adventurous nature of Gemini will be similar in spirit to America, Sweden and Spain.A perfect place to relax with family or alone may be countries such as Chile, Venezuela and Australia.Cancers can safely choose France, Turkey or Japan.An ideal choice for permanent living or a holiday may be Mexico and Canada.While there may be much more cancers like an exotic place - Seychelles.Concentration and initiative should please the Lions of Peru, Israel, Czech Republic and Romania.And the best place for a romantic trip is likely to be an amazing and ancient country of Sri Lanka.Soothe and calm Virgos need to recharge magical atmosphere of Indonesia, Morocco and Tunisia.If Virgo is necessary to change the situation, then it is perhaps worth considering Norway, Estonia and Ireland.The balance can count on the hospitality of Argentina, Burma, Kenya and Tanzania.They can be advised to spend a vacation or honeymoon in Madagascar, Ecuador and New Zealand.Lovers of thrills - Scorpios will find peace of mind atmosphere Latvia, Hungary and Cyprus.Sagittarius with their fantasy and passionate temperament necessary to visit Sicily in Italy, the Peloponnese peninsula, Guatemala and Saudi Arabia.Ideal for frequent, business trips, and leisure, Japan and Italy.Lucky and cheerful Capricorns thrive in Australia and the Philippines, perhaps they like Poland and Scotland.But the best place to Capricorn is considered to be Germany.Astrologers believe that there is no map of the world other country that would have been so close to a strong and resilient Aquarius as Russia.Sometimes "vodoleynymi" countries also called Bangladesh, Ethiopia, France and Ukraine.