Learn how you can beatbox, however, will have to work hard and dedicate a lot of time training.
main beatbox sounds:
classic kick: You can say that it is the sound of "boom" - as little as possible to vote in highly compressed lips.Bit represented by the letter "B".
hi-hat: it is the sound of "Hush", and variations of this sound great variety.The bit is usually denoted «hi-hat»
snare drum (sner): this is the sound of "Dyshsh" it is necessary to try to make a loud and clear.The bit the sound denoted «Tsh».
dealt with the sound of their working and dedicated enough time, start building a bit.In one stroke usually 8 sounds (professionals put 16 sounds).Start slowly and gradually gaining moment
um: B t Tsh t B Tsh t ... further combination is repeated.
most important rule - it does not feel embarrassed and do not hesitate to themselves!Of course, at first sounds will sound strange and even ridiculous.Do not despair and continue training.You can include hip-hop and rhythm tamp along with the music.
Try not to overwork if a sore throat is still, drink hot tea and take a short break.
Having mastered the basic sounds, start learning the new complex bits, for example:
handclap snare: referred to as "K".attach language to the edge of the sky closely, quickly make a short exhale through the mouth so that the stream of air passed through any hole in the side between the tongue and palate.For example, Bm Bm Pf tt Bm Pf t BBm Bm Pf tt Bm Pf t.If the stuff is made
sounds together, this means that they need to say without pause.