first advice is very simple - the more you read a good book, the better you will have the ability to turn out beautifully, easily and clearly express their thoughts and clothe them into an art form.Most Read - this will extend your horizons, increase vocabulary, allows to feel different manners copyrights belonging to different writers.
It is best to read the classics, as well as books by contemporary authors, internationally recognized as models of style and original plot.Choose to read novels and stories written by a bright,
competent and stylish language.The more you read, the more you will be generated in the sense of literary style.In addition to art, read the scientific literature, which refers to the technique of creative writing.Some theoretical data will be very useful if you are determined to learn how to write beautifully.
Another tip is to get you as much as possible and practiced before beginning any new text makes a plan.Always make a plan for future publication - it will allow to structure thoughts and ideas, distribute them, sort, identify what you say in the beginning, and that - in the end.Your text should describe the scene, the reasons for this action, the action itself, and finally, its effects or the conclusions reached by you.
Learn intelligently and logically build their texts - only if they are beautiful and interesting.Do not deviate from the main theme of which write, and do not overdo it with complex terms and long sentences.Write concisely and try to speak only about the main thing, bypassing secondary and unimportant moments.
Strive to maximize consistency and completeness with a small amount of the finished article - modern readers prefer short and do not like to spend a lot of time to read those or other texts.
Keep the language.Do not use abusive texts and colloquial language, write stylistically correctly, follow the rules of grammar and spelling.Hold down the text aloof author's position, but do not select their own opinion as the only truth, do not try to teach readers or to condemn and avoid rude.The text should be beautiful, gentle and simple, eye-catching anyone.
Avoid excessive repetition of interjections and the pronouns "I" and tautology.That the text has not been repeated words (tautology), look for words and synonyms build sentences without repetitions.Finally, in order to be effective training, regular practice - start a blog and a regular contributor to its new notes, communicating with readers and watching their reaction to your writing.