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  • Horseshoe, the belief in miracles
Horseshoe has long been considered a talisman that brings happiness and luck.This belief did not come out of nowhere - it is believed that for the first time found a horseshoe has become a symbol of happiness in ancient Egypt.The horses, which were harnessed to the wagon of the Pharaohs, shod Golden Horseshoe.But the material horseshoe did stronger fastening - sooner or later horseshoe remained in the dust of the road.Of course, finding the golden horseshoe grew happiness.
However, in ancient Russia had its own reasons for considering the future horseshoe symbol of happiness and a talisman against harm and evil spirits.The fact that all the horseshoe out from under the hammer smiths, a suppose
d fighters against evil forces.In addition, the Horseshoe is connected with the horse, faithful assistant and peasant war.Horseshoes were expensive, so the farmer who found a horseshoe, could rightfully consider yourself lucky - a valuable find could sell the same blacksmith or bring home as a talisman.
To horseshoe bring happiness into the house, it should be hung over the front door horns up.This provision allows positive energy "linger" in the house.In addition, a horseshoe nailed to a "bowl", protects the house from the machinations of evil.
If you nail a horseshoe over the door down the horns, this amulet will begin to attract wealth.In order to neutralize the negative effects of geopathic zones, need to put a horseshoe over the door inside the room or in the headboard.This may be a horseshoe souvenir.
To Horseshoe attracted to the house of material well-being, you need to perform the following ritual: wait until the full moon and put a shoe on the windowsill in the house horns.Ideally, the moon should highlight the horseshoe.

If the home flowers do not grow very well and rarely pleasing flowering, place them next to the horseshoe.