you need
  • Beads;
  • Bead needle;
  • lavsanovaja or polyester thread;
  • Two or three small lock-lock carbine or one of three strands.
very easy to work with beads mosaic technique (aka - peyote).It beads arranged on the principle of cells, i.e. rows are displaced relative to one another by half the beads.The first wide bracelet beads of plain weave in order to understand the principle.Ideal beads from the Czech Republic and Japan, as beads do not differ in size.Therefore, the width of the bracelet will not change.
Enter the first bead on the needle.Leave after the end of the thread length of 10-15 cm. In his later you secure the lock.Thread the bead again to loop.

Enter an even number of beads.Compare the
length of the typed strip of beads with the desired width of the bracelet.If all goes well, type another bead, which is now regarded as the first.
Walk through the third bead in the opposite direction.You will get a loop of two extreme beads.Enter another bead and go through the fifth of recruited.So alternate between adding new beads and securing odd first recruited.
Reaching the end of the series, type bead again change direction and propletite another number.Repeat until you have the required length of the wrist.
At the end of attach to the edges of the halves of locks snap or lock into three single thread.The ends of the thread to hide the bracelet.
understand the principle, using a variety of schemes for wide bracelets in the art of weaving a mosaic: braid ornaments and drawings, using beads of different sizes and colors, glass, cutting and other materials.