Prepare the ground.It should be nutritious and loose (better to buy a ready soil for palms in a specialty store).Before planting pits earth lightly moisten and heat in a water bath to 27-30 ° C.
Take the bone from fresh tamarind harvest.With proper planting, it will germinate within a month.But we can accelerate the process by placing it in hot water (not boiling water in!) And leave for a day.For an even more rapid germination of the bone may be sawed or slightly incised, watching closely so that the actual seed is under the shell is not damaged.Bones from last year's crop also germinate, but 2-3 months later.
bone Plant in a small pot filled with warm
earth vertically to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. Cover with plastic wrap and place the pot on the windowsill (preferably south or east side).
Water the bone every day, making sure that the water flow freely through the bottom drain.Excess water in the pan is removed.Everyday observe abundant watering until the germ.
When your palm tree will grow up to 10 cm, transplant it into a larger pot.Too much is not necessary to bury the plant.The soil may be the same, bought in a store, and you can prepare yourself mixing humus with river sand.The main thing for the transplant do not damage the root, otherwise all your previous efforts may come to nothing.