Tip 1: How to wear topaz

topaz colored wine outdoors in yellow, blue or golden-pink color are in high demand and are valued much more expensive than colorless.Especially highly valued items with dual color: blue and yellow.The result is a very unusual green stone, which looks very original.

Before you buy topaz for yourself or as a gift, find out - how it can be signs of the zodiac, and should be worn.Usually Topaz advised to wear all the people who were born under the sign of Scorpio.Yellow and golden topaz suitable Gemini.Just yellow topaz is good for Dev and Lvov.
If you are Taurus, then do not wear a topaz in any case, as it is opposite the constellation Scorpio.And as you can not wear a topaz Pisces and Libra.Pisces and Taurus topaz is not recommended to wear because these characters are focused on family values.Topaz can destroy their happiness in family life.
Find out about all the properties of the topaz before purchasing it.Stone Topaz has healing properties and magic.Therapeutic qualities o
f his consist in the possession of a projective energy Yang.Topaz protect people from the cold, accelerate the healing of tissue, treat gall bladder, spleen, liver and digestive organs.Helps with nervous exhaustion and insomnia, relieve stress.
first determine what color you want the stone, as for the properties they are also a little different.Topaz blue purchase to improve the metabolic processes in the body, providing a therapeutic effect on the thyroid gland, the normalization of the human emotional balance.He also has the creativity, promotes the achievement of the objectives.But only protects a reasonable and purposeful people.
A yellow topaz choose to heal wounds, improve the digestive system, improve metabolism in the liver and gallbladder.If topaz juicy and bright color, it contributes to the psychologists, psychics and investigators.Wear light golden topaz, so it saves you from the passions contributed to undisturbed enjoyment of life, drove anger.Topaz brown-yellow treats madness gives enlightenment.Choosing
colorless topaz, you know that it promotes the concentration of power and will have a strong impact on people, contributing to divination and witchcraft.For the cure of nervous disorders, asthma, and diseases of the throat, neck wear on Topaz any color, framed in silver.
Learn also about the magical properties of topaz.It has long been thought that if you omit the topaz in the beverage and in doing so change the color of a drink, then the drink was poisoned.The man who wears the topaz, always optimistic and internally enlightened.Topaz brings the beauty of women and the wisdom of men, helping to overcome fear and depression, attracts material wealth.
not buy topaz, if you are a family man, as well as if you're alone, but want to find a mate, as this stone is used to destroy the family relationship and implies a bachelor lifestyle.Not suitable for long and he trips and travel.
note that Topaz is very strong in its power of rock.First, it protects against any kind of witchcraft, whether the evil eye or damage.Secondly, he may have an impact on people, as it is one of the most important stones in the black magicians.
Select whether a frame is topaz.This is very important since it is impossible to interact with copper stone.Just not like topaz coexist with diamonds and rock crystal.Be prepared for the fact that in the process of wearing topaz will get used to you, and you to him.This topaz can even change a little color - it will mean that he used to you.
If you decide to buy a ring with topaz, then decide - on what finger to wear topaz.It also has a certain importance, as fingers capture and transmit bioenergy.Usually worn on the little finger of topaz.This helps to establish social contacts.You can carry this stone and pink shades on the ring finger, answering his heart and love relationships.
Follow our recommendations before acquiring this gem, that he shared with you only for its positive qualities, and bring you good luck.

Tip 2: What color topaz stone

name "Topaz" has occurred in Greece with the name of the island "Topazos", located in the Red Sea.Translated from the Greek word meaning - look, and Sanskrit - fire.Natural topaz is usually colorless and transparent, the second group of precious stones.Properly treated Topaz is incomparable.This is one of the most famous jewels.Topaz has a pronounced luster, extensive color range and a relatively affordable price.
Topaz natural origin can have a variety of shades of pale color.Natural stone is sufficiently sensitive to UV light.It may change your natural color to completely transparent.Therefore, in the museums storage topaz dark place and use the premises and opaque protective film.
are very rare topaz with polychrome painting, that is, the color is made up of several shades and keep it quite difficult.Thus, in one of the museums in the UK natural pastel blue with pink topaz turned into a monochrome blue.
Topaz used in jewelery, undergo a process of refinement.With the technology of irradiation and subsequent heat treatment (or not) fix or enhance the intensity (saturation) of color natural color of the stone.Gamma color topaz is extensive - from blue to brown, but with no clearly defined colors.
most common and therefore popular color of stone is blue, and the intensity of color is divided into: Sky Blue (light blue), Swiss Blue (blue medium intensity), London Blue (bright deep blue, almost blue).These topaz found in nature more often than others.Also with the help of artificial light exposure is easy to obtain deep color, and the effect is fixed permanently.Therefore, blue topaz is relatively inexpensive.
Topaz "Imperial" are highly prized by collectors and jewelers.They have orange, golden yellow, yellow-brown, purple, red and pink color.They all lend themselves to ennoblement for the maximum preservation of natural color.
The lowest sensitivity to sunlight have a brown topaz.But they may eventually lose its beauty.This color turns red and pink topaz.But there are times that irradiation of brown stones obtained unexpected other colors.
are the most rare natural red and pink topaz.They are very sensitive to sunlight and are quite expensive.Highly prized by jewelers large pure crystals, since one can create a shining stones.
include a comprehensive variety of colors topaz most rare and expensive stones are a deep green color with varying degrees of intensity.They are valued at expensive emeralds.
Helpful Hint
rauchtopaz - not topaz.This is the name coined to attract customers.Actually rauchtopaz - a fumed silica.Since quartz is much cheaper, some enterprising individuals in this PR during bad earn.
Topaz - stone bachelors.It destroys the family fortune.
Helpful Hint
Suits - Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo and Lions.

Not suitable - Taurus, Pisces and Libra.
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