Start to grow at home decorative and ivy.Unpretentious to the content of varieties with leaves oval and round.Interest is ivy leaves as asterisks.Looks nice plant with crimped edges of the leaves.As for color and ivy, the leaves may be green, yellow, covered with spots.
This plant is not capricious.Ivy feels good in rooms that are not well heated.Only one condition - the temperature should not fall below 12 degrees.Ivy - a plant that loves the constant spraying.Grades and ivy with brightly colored leaves, like a bright light.But th
e lack of direct light does not prevent ivy a well-developed.In winter, when daylight hours are very short, it can be used for additional lighting plant phyto - lamp.
Ivy loves moist substrate.During the summer period, when the soil is often dry, the plant should be well watered.Water must not stagnate in the pot, because the roots may rot.You can from time to time to arrange the plant warm shower, gently washing the leaves.
Ivy prefers light soil consisting of a mixture of peat and humus.The composition is as follows: 1 part of the turf, 1 part humus soil and 1 part sand.
Ivy is growing rapidly and therefore needs periodic feeding different fertilizers.At the beginning of spring and during the summer the plant should be fed a special fertilizer for plants with decorative leaves.Regularity fertilizing - once in two weeks.For the correct formation of stems and to give the plant the ivy fluffy , more precisely, the ends of his shoots pinch.
Every two years, the plant should be transplanted into a more spacious pot.For reproduction using cuttings ivy and that perfectly rooted in the soil after pretreatment stimulator for roots.With good care and optimal conditions for the growth of ivy rarely affected by pests.