Each story should consist of straps, conflict, climax and finally the denouement.In the absence of one of these elements is an interesting tale you will not succeed.Although perhaps you will achieve your goal, and the child falls asleep.
Select animals , are most popular with your child, and make them the main characters.If a child loves dogs, let them goes in search of adventure ball.And if the child is fascinated by dinosaurs, have the guests themselves took Tyrannosaurus Rex.
major plot twists better come up in advance and, if necessary, to record.Then you will not have long pauses, during which the child will pu
ll you with a question: "Well, what's next?".
easiest way to invent a fairy tale , sending the hero on a journey.In this case, you will not have problems with the introduction of new characters in the story, because the way the main character can meet any desired animals .The main thing is fascinated by the description of Africa, do not forget that the conflict and isolation in a fairy tale still be present.
Writing fantastic story, remember that animals need to observe basic safety rules.After all, the baby may try to fly on an umbrella and go scuba diving, using a reed instead of the breathing tube.Therefore, all your tales of heroes must cross the road on a green light, do not play the knife and observe traffic rules by bicycle.
child will be bored listening to detailed descriptions of nature, but the text does not have to be dry.Instead of "the road grew oak" rather "the road grew a huge spreading oak," but it is not necessary to describe how it rustled the leaves.
Remember that your tale must be a happy ending.Also, each evening is not to invent new characters, you can finish the tale so that the next day it was possible to tell a sequel.