As in any business, in inventing stories harder to start.How to come up with an interesting story?What to tell the story ?In situations similar search psychologist Edward de Bono recommends using a strategy of ten random words.Suppose you want to write a story about a trip to the sea.But in addition to themes in the head did not come.Take a dictionary and choose from it at random ten words.Each of these words bind any logical connection with a trip to the sea.In the course of this work is to "break out" and an interesting idea for the beginning of history.
similar method is recommended to use a well-known fairy-tale by Gianni Rodari.To write a story, he offered two words chosen at random and connect them to each other.This is considered the beginning of
a fairy tale.For example, "dog" and "cabinet".The most banal of the compound gives rise to a mysterious fairy tale "The dog sat in the closet."Then it remains only to spin the story: "And what was she doing there?", "What happened?"etc.
Rodari We have a lot of tips on how to write stories.All of them are simple and applicable even in games with children.Learn about these boards can be from the book of this writer "Grammar of fantasy."
wonderful it would be to appeal to the experience of other writers.But the choice is best not to read monographs and serious works about writing, and light and easy-to-understand book.One such work is called "How to write a book."Its author Stephen King.And by the way, despite the fact that the King - the king of horror, the work is fun to read.
Once invented a decent start, filled with story problems usually do not arise.The difficulties tend to be at the end.Interesting story and need to finish respectively.In order to achieve a result, you need to work out in the original.For example, imagine a rabbit ears sticking out from behind a bush.Do you think there is a hare?And maybe not.What then?Or imagine two semi-circle drawn on the same line.What could it be?The answer would be trivial - two hangars.And the original, for example - two haystacks on a flying carpet.