Mental attack occurs through hostile look.Skirmish in the transport, domestic conflict, quarrel with the employee may provoke a reaction "yes to you!".By the way, there is a less well-known phenomenon of "the evil eye itself », when your own negative thoughts and emotions, chronic depression take a person a great amount of energy.Of course, it is possible to diagnose the presence of the evil eye and get rid of it.But, as in the case of diseases malefice better not to treat and prevent.
Unlike the damage, the evil eye can be called without the help of "black magic".It is believed tha
t "glazlivogo" person can be determined by appearance.For example, in Russia, signs of a man considered a brilliant dark eyes, especially when combined with fused eyebrows and squint.But in the Mediterranean countries, a sign of the person who gives the evil eye, blue eyes were considered.By the way, so as a talisman against the evil eye used blue beads in the shape of the eye.However, not necessarily people with such signs are people who can jinx.There is another expression - "the evil eye", and this name is clear that can jinx people with bad thoughts, negative emotions - such as jealousy, anger, rage.Whenever possible, these people should avoid or reduce contact with such people to a minimum.When dealing with such people try to avoid the gaze, especially if your energy tone weakened.
If you are in a crowded place (transport, shops, etc.) and feel around a large number of negative emotions, it is necessary to film his aura, having a closed position - to close and crossed his arms and legs.However, not all situations appropriate to look crossed posture and withdrawn look.In such a case can be closed loop biofield simply closed their thumb and index fingers of both hands.
Protect yourself from the evil eye can use different methods of energy protection.One of the simplest methods - "mirroring": you have to present yourself safe from other people mirror shell dome, the outwardly facing side of the mirror.Then all the negative impacts addressed to you, come back to the one who sent them.
effective protection against the evil eye can also be a conspiracy of corruption and evil eye prayer or guardian angel.
conspiracy from the "evil eye": "Yet Michael the archangel, save and have mercy on the black eyes, the gray eyes of the hazel eyes, the eyes of blue and white, from the joyful eyes of envious eyes, save and have mercy, Michael the archangel."
most common in people protective agent against the evil eye - this, of course, wear the clothes inside the usual safety pin.Inside outerwear Pin pin point downward, it is advisable to not stand it in the eastern corner of the house for three days or hours for the icon.A pin-shaped ellipse closes your aura from negative energies and foreign otzerkalivaet them.As a means of protection at the wrist of the left hand, you can tie a red woolen thread.Or, you can carry a small round mirror.The mirror should be kept in the pocket to the outside surface of the mirror to reflect negative energy.
to protect against the evil eye can use objects of power - a protective amulet, talisman or amulet.The protective properties of a talisman of your repeated efforts, if you charge it.Another important condition is a talisman or amulet in any case can not be someone to give up, it is not desirable to mention it in conversation.
If you felt the someone's negative impact, you need as quickly as possible to take a warm shower to wash off with water only adhered energy "mud."If this does not work, try to remove the evil eye on their own or refer to a psychic.
If you have a house you visited unpleasant people immediately after their departure, it is desirable to wash the floor and clean the house of negative energy.Also in the house you can have charms: for example, a horseshoe over the door, or a dried stalk of St. John's wort, or under the threshold of the door.We need to sweep the floor of the threshold to the middle of the house, so as not to "sweep away the dirty linen in public."Also, do not store in sight sharps and knives and forks tip up - you can bring aggression and anger.
damage and the evil eye "cling" to people with weakened aura, as well as the weak in moral and ethical terms.Therefore, it is necessary not only to protect their aura, but also to be able to be charged with positive energy, and most importantly - to develop spiritually.Giving people around bright and sincere thoughts, feelings and actions, you are attracting to itself light and kind.
is important to understand that we can not all their problems, failures and disease to explain the evil eye.All problems must be sought first in itself.