you need
  • 1) Checkers
most important rule checkers - the obligation to cut.This gives it an advantage and disadvantages.If we talk about the shortcomings, we can note the following.At the time of important moves, significant checker may be required to cut, and to substitute itself under the framework opponent.Thus, the strategy is falling apart originally conceived the game.If we talk about the benefits, you can also disrupt the enemy's plans.
Home in checkers - be careful.A little distracted, and have cut down the enemy you have multiple pieces.So always follow the game.If the opponent makes a move, think and try to predi
ct where he directed the action plan.Never make the situation to Checkers were parallel, or through the cage.This can lead to cut down a few sticks at a time.Try to cover the cage another sword to cut down the enemy could not.
Try not much exchange of one piece.We need to think through your moves so that the enemy could lose several drafts, log cabins have only one.This is achieved by that regulation is necessary to cut.By sacrificing a certain sword, you'll be able to cut down somewhat.To develop this skill solve specific tasks.Their point is that from a certain situation, which is given in the problem, you are able to attack with the liquidation of a larger number of opponent's checkers in one or two moves.
The challenge
Everyone is trying to get the Kings.Little Lady - quite a strong block that can move diagonally any number of squares back and forth.In order to get this sword, you need to spend one of his to the end of the board.The same analogy is in chess.Having two or even three damok, you can easily be straightened with the enemy.But do not get carried away in the promotion of Checkers Kings, to the detriment of other drafts.Try to make this process naturally.Protect the beginning of the board's own cells, so that the enemy could not take possession of the Kings.