Tip 1: How to learn to dance breakdance

Dance Break Dance is divided not only on the top and bottom break, but also to many sub-genres.And the most interesting, beautiful and dynamic looks just a dance, where the mixed traffic and the elements of all sub-genres.B-boys (break dancers) are constantly experimenting with different techniques, seeking their own unique style.But start training breaks from three directions: the upper and lower break, as well as elements of power tricks.Education requires a break-dance from beginner B-boy not only patience and good physical fitness, but also courage.
begin training break with the best physical training.First, you need to strengthen your abdominals and arms.And also to train the flexibility of slopes in different directions, including back (try to reach out your hands to heels, first turn it can be done, the bridge is also a good exercise in flexibility).Once the muscles become stronger, you can continue to perform handstands and head first, drawing on the wall, gradually moving away
more and more from it.A good tool for balance training and serve as a push-up from the rack.
Hand in Work or "Wave your hands."Stretch your arms in front of you, palms facing down.Make tassels motion as if you want them to slip under any horizontal object works with only a brush.When the performance of an ideal wave brushes, add wave shoulders.Slide one arm forward, then turn it back, and then the same with the other hand, two at a time.Then add the elbows, hands at the same time you need to deploy to each other.Change the speed of the wave.
arms to the side and lock at shoulder level parallel to the floor, palms face down.Continue to let the wave, watch hands.First wave in different directions, then try to create a wave of both hands, and then start a wave with one arm and passed through himself, the other finished.And in a reverse direction.
Wave through a body or "wave through the body."This element requires a lot of concentration.Thus both wave runs from top to bottom and bottom to top.In the first case, the wave starts with a head.Imagine that at the level of your eyes is an obstacle, such as a stick.To overcome it, you do not crouch, just like "dive" head under it, then subsequently curved neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and knees with the feet.Once one part of the body arched and was the turn of the next - the first returns.Wave should not be interrupted, and the movement should be soft and smooth.

Wave bottom runs just as well, only in reverse order from the feet to the head.The leads are then wave in one direction or the other without stopping.
Moon Walking or "Moonwalk."To learn how to walk the famous Michael Jackson, you need comfortable and soft shoes, which can move the foot.This may be running shoes, but with a thin soles.Learn how to smoothly and plastically move the legs.Next, put your right foot on the heel slightly forward, and the left-to-toe.Next right foot smoothly runs along the left and takes the heel, left at the same time a little bit forward and becomes displayed on the heel.Then the left leg moves similarly to the right.Try not to pause between the movements of the legs, and in order to achieve greater effect, over time, you can begin to let a wave of his hands.
Dance or 'Movement on the dance floor. "There are several types of movement.Single, code on the dance floor only one dancer that is you.In this case, you specify how the rhythm and sequence of elements, do not be afraid to experiment.In this case, the most spectacular looks at the movement of an imaginary square, iein a limited area rather than around a dancing.
guy when moving on the dance floor just two dancers.In this case it is necessary to work out in advance a specific combination of elements, and do them, either simultaneously or in succession, as if talking to a partner in a dance.
Team - on stage more than two people.Usually, all the dancers perform the same elements in the same rhythm.The team is so that partners do not touch each other in the dance, and do not obstruct the neighbors.Usually dancers are staggered.
Lower brejk divided into four areas.Uprock and toprock (not quite break lower, but close to), Spining moves and power moves (power components), Freeze (fixation of the body in the performance of a specific item), Footwork (footwork).
Wave - little used by professional dancers, but for beginners - a great start.Lying on the floor, let the waves: first contact with the dance floor hand, then his chest, then his feet.The dance dancer immediately falls into his arms.
Hands and feet - is performed from a standing position.You stand on your feet, then jump, landing on his hands (legs in the air), repels and kicking back and land on his feet again.This element is best done several times.
Stilts - starting position standing on hands.The feet in the air, with one front and one rear.Bouncing up and down on his hands and simultaneously change the position of the feet, that is,is the leg that had come out back, and the one who was behind is now in front.
Backspin or "Torsion on the back."It all depends on the maha feet.Initial position sitting on the floor, left leg stretched forward, right - bent at the knee.Then abruptly straighten the right leg, throwing it to the left as far as possible, that is,legs crossed.The left leg also drastically swept under the right.If done right, you have to develop enough speed to rotate on the back.For greater speed, tighten the legs to his chest and crossed himself.Importantly, it is necessary to spin the blades.If you get up on top of the blades, it is possible to increase the speed.Effectively look also bouncing during torsion.
Tumbler - starting position on his feet.Falls on his back and doing a somersault, raise your hands.
Spring - any starting position.From a standing position - falling on his back without using their hands and jump out on his feet.From a standing position, just jump out on his feet without using his hands.
Turtle or "Turtle" - running on his hands in a circle.Quite difficult element of the lower power break, occurs only when physically fit dancer.Uprites elbows in the press and stand on your hands.Try standing on one hand, the second only a little help to keep the balance.Once you can confidently stand on each hand, not maintaining a second, begin to move in a circle.With good speed Tuttle easier to do.Professional B-boys do not just revolve around its axis, but run in different directions.
Cricket or "cricket" - bouncing Tuttle.Standing on one hand, and the other to help yourself to bounce.The speed depends on how close to the body is a free hand.Hands should touch the ground alternately.
Slipping on his head - is performed in a special cap, inside of which enclosing soft lining, and outside is sewn any slippery solid matter.Or, you can spin in a helmet.And in any case it is impossible to do it without her.Run, jump down and coasting slide, it is important during the clean hands.Second Embodiment: stand on your head, legs are parallel with the ground.Starting hands are coming forward.
Headspin - twist on the head.To get started simply learn to stand on his head, hands-free and not pulling in any direction.Then, a little push off hands and pull the body in the direction of torsion.Hands must be kept at the same time so that they do not interfere with torsion.Gradually increase the force of repulsion.Legs during torsion may be in three positions: a cross splits, legs at the same time a little bent at the knees;bent at the knees and dropped to her face and legs together stretched perpendicular to the ground.

Tip 2: How to learn to break the house

Modern dance is gaining more and more fans, and more and more people make dance his usual hobby, and for good reason - the dance teaches master his own body, provides the skills of free and harmoniousmovement, such as the kinds of dance breakdance teach freedom of expression and a special sense of rhythm.Break dance allows you to save a great fit, and start to deal with it at any time - you have the basics of dance and exercise, if desired, you can learn at home.How do I start dancing breakdance home?
How to learn to break the house
First of all, train your body exercise - increases the degree of its flexibility, strength and endurance.Exercise regularly, pressing, swing the press, pull up on the bar, make deflections, develop all muscle groups.After some time, you can already try to perform basic motion breakdancing.
Start with the most simple movements and gradually move to the complex - it will prepare your body and contribute to a gradual build skills.
Carefully study the technique of each movement and staging the stunt.Repeat each movement many times, as long as you do not start getting.Repetition and practice - the foundation of any dance.
Get to the movement of its similarities to the smallest detail.Go to the new movement after you feel that the previous given to you easily, and the body remembers a bunch of dance.
headstand and similar complex movements do initially only at the wall, and with the support of a foreign object or a person.
During home training free up the maximum space in the room, so as not to feel uneasy motion.
great way to learn to dance at home - buy it online tutorial.Today, online stores offer a large selection of CDs with educational programs and films for a variety of dance styles, including a break-dance.Such discs can teach you the basics of dance and prepare for possible subsequent more serious training with the teacher.
Helpful Hint
If you exercise at home, clearing the space as much as possible to prevent damage to household furniture, as well as not to bump into some corner.
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