Thus, the card is a rectangle of cardboard, which has two big and two small side.To build a house of cards, you need at least one deck of 36 cards.For a start is better to take tattered map with crumpled edges.They are more likely to retain stability.You can also cheat a little bit and a little wet with saliva edge cards to just stick together.Houses must be built on a flat, smooth and stable surface.
Build a house classic.Draw two cards, put them on a small rib at a distance of about 5 cm apart, tilt tops to touch, to get the letter A. Thus, build a few more reference peaks nearby.Then put them on the edge of the map flat so that one end of the card lying on top of
one, and the other end - on the next.In the resulting court again build support tops, etc.
House of triangles.Install the three cards on the large fins next to each other, to get an equilateral triangle.In this construction lay flat one or two cards.On the site of the resulting construct the triangle again.These triangles can extend the house in different directions, pristraivaya card after.House turns stable and recalls the triangular cell.
Standard house.In this way, the majority of the card are "architects".Take four cards and put them into small square edges so that each subsequent side of the square started from the middle of the card edges.If you look down, you get like four T, connected to each other.This provision card is considered the most stable and allows you to collect relatively high design.