you need
  • - Long backgammon;
  • - rival.
See to it that your counterpart has not captured more than 3 consecutive positions in the top of your side.This is a great advantage.Do it yourself!
Put a bomb on the head position six.It is necessary to quickly get into the third quarter.Otherwise, it will make it much more difficult.
Get ready from the start that fall double (the jackpot).Make checkers are located in favorable locations.When falls the jackpot, you will need to immediately make a move.It will be insulting, if it miss.
Shut opponent's moves in the movement when drafts approach the first quarter.Try to grab even more items.
Grab the first senior holes (4, 5,
6, moves to the top) and throw the bones, if the current situation allows.Immediately Line up "fence" - checkers without gaps.The tighter they will stand, the harder they will be to drive the enemy.
Cover your checkers, not allowing the opponent to isolate them.Try to stay in the middle, not at the edge.Move to the side of the house, while occupying a minimum of 2 seats at the head counterpart.
If you could not build a fence at the head of the opponent, start moves in the direction of "home" as quickly as possible from start to reset.Heap occupy "home" in the middle.
Loosen the defense and start to perform Mars, ieTake along the head of the opponent four seats six.It's a lot weaken its position and reduce the chances of winning.
Remember that blocking the opponent's checkers, you thereby reduces its stock of moves and limits the ability of tactics.Therefore, it is better to weaken protection than to grab points in his "head."This strategy is justified!
Watch your opponent.He will most likely also will use the same tactics to capture space.Try to anticipate his actions and to capture key positions.