Get a deck of cards to play.Typically, the deck consists of 52 cards.Cards come in four suits, which are determined on the icon: black cross - a cross, inverted black heart on the leg - peaks red diamond - diamonds, red heart - hearts.Each deck has thirteen different face value cards (named in descending order): Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, as well as in the deck can be two jokers.There is also a deck in which only 36 cards (they have no cards
of 2, 3, 4 and 5).Some games may be needed, and a deck of cards with a different number.
distribution of seats at the table.Do it by lot.Agreed in advance who will take the place in any way, and pull card from the deck.The winner is the one who pulled the most high card.If two people pulled the same face value card , then either drag the map , either Accepted win one whose suit older.
The game is all actions are performed in a clockwise direction - as usual in the game.This applies to shuffle cards are dealt, the ads during the game, and so on.
If anyone at the table expresses the wish to shuffle the deck before the next hand, then let him do it.According to the rules, any player can take over this function when you want.
If you shoot a deck (ie, removes a part of a deck of cards from the top), then remember that the removable part should be at least five cards.Give the right to remove the deck to the player who sits to the right of the player, the dealer card .
first begins to let the player who sits to the right of the player, the dealer card .It is also called a senior player, and that he must make the first move.
In the event that the dealer has distributed card wrong, any player at the table may need to shuffle the cards and deliver again.Provide this function to the same person who originally distributed card .
In some games, the system of penalties and fines for mistakes and wrong game.Keep in mind that part of the game there is a statute of limitations of the incident.That is, if after a certain number of minutes, or no one moves, said the error later, he can no longer play this sdelat.Udachnoy you!