Read the classics.By genre prose poems addressed by many Russian and European authors.This "Hymns Night" by Novalis, "Poems in Prose" C. Baudelaire and, of course, "Poems in Prose" Turgenev, familiar to all from the school.After studying the best examples of the genre, you'll be better prepared to create their own works.
Express your personal experiences.Poems in Prose exist at the junction of two kinds of literature, borrowing from epic prose form and the poetry from the internal content.Your work must be a small sketch, which can be devoted to any exciting topic: friendship, justice, the run-time, the love of honey cake or hatred towards neighbors.Describe your emotions, to reflect and philosophize on paper.
use a variety of means of artistic expression.To prose poem does not turn into an essay or essay writing is art, using trails, epithets, comparing and metonymy.The basis of the poem can make a detailed metaphor or allegory, the meaning of which is explained at the end of the work.
Try writing rhythmical prose.To achieve harmonious melodiousness and not have to use rhyme or follow poetic dimensions.Ask rhythm help repetition of the same rhetorical constructions, the use of syntactic parallelism, in which the proposals are based on a similar scheme.Use zvukopis by repeating the same vowel or consonant sounds to the poem sounded gentle and melodious, or vice versa bitingly.
Be concise.Prose poem should convey a complete thought, one emotion.The works of this genre rarely contain a clear story: often they are constructed as the argument or description.Do not make a poem too long.Like the parable or aphorisms, prose poem should be short and precise.