Tip 1: How to find a book without a title

name - not the most popular searches in search of a book.As a rule, the literary work is remembered by other criteria, and search is necessary for them.Fortunately, the search engines take this into account and allow you to find the book not only in name.
most complex and lengthy search option book - it searches only for the name and surname of the author.Most likely, on account of his not one or two books, so through a search engine or a site of the author you have to scroll through the list of his works.There is no certainty that this way you can find exactly the book , which is looking for.Lack of information can lead to the fact that you take for an entirely different product.
search much easier if you know, except for the author's name, genre works or some key issues discussed in it.At the same time, make sure that the desired book on the unique genre in the works of the author.It is difficult to find a particular detective from the author, who writes only detective;als
o not easy to find a specific book , included in series with a single subject or a similar subject.
Let us search for quote their books.This tip is suitable mainly for poetic works: collections of poems, plays.But prose and non-fiction is also revealed in the search results if the quote was accurate and unique (not repeated in other works).For example, when searching for a poem, you can enter the line: "They say that now in vogue gray hair."Even without knowing the names of , nor the name of the author or the genre of the work, you get links to several sources of a specific product.
name of the protagonist - is also a good search term.As a rule, the author is trying to make it unique, non-recurring, as a character.Enter the name of the author or the genre of the work and the name of the main character.Note that some characters used by the author of the books in the book , therefore, in the results list may have several books.When choosing a specific book conformed with his common sense.Help you can commemorate the works of this series, you've already read.

Tip 2: How to find the name of the author of the book

Opportunities Internet allow us to find the author of the book her name .To do this wisely used search sites: to be able to edit to make a search query and analyze the information.
How to find the name of the author of the book
you need
  • Internet (search does not need to be registered on specialized sites)
search zaprosVyberite most convenient for you search resource (Google, Yandex, etc.) and type in the search box the name of the book , followed by a comma, type the word "book" and "author."Start the search.
analysis rezultatovProanaliziruyte obtained a list of links.In most cases the name of the author will appear in the vast majority of links that are displayed on the first page of search results.If the spelling of the name and surname of the author no different from link to link - it will be enough to determine the authorship of the book .
ProverkaEsli you must specify author book in the list of references to scientific work or publish the article, and if the spelling author different from link to link - it is best to perform a check foundinformation.To do this, select some of the suggested links and see what variant spelling of the name and surname of the author more common.Just by switching on Google-pictures (if you are using the search engine Google) you will most likely see the cover of the book and check spelling of the name and surname of the author her.
Some names of foreign authors differently translated into Russian.Therefore, when referring to the foreign literature should indicate in whose translation you would read this work.
Helpful Hint
If you need to specify the correct spelling of the name or surname of the author or for more information about the book, you can take advantage of resources such as:

- http://ru.wikipedia.org (online encyclopediacontains short articles about everything, including information about writers and their works)

- http://www.ozon.ru (or the site of another major online bookstore)

http: //www.litres.ru (and other sites to download e-books).

Two or three open links will be enough to clarify the spelling of the name and surname of the author and get an interesting and useful additional information about this book.
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