you need
  • - video dance.
find an experienced and professional trainer.Learn dance video or a book is possible only if you have a professional choreographic training.A good teacher will assess your level, explain the basic principles and set a dance variation.
Master the basic steps and dance movements.This will be your base by which to create variations and build individual composition.For example, a slow waltz important statement of the head, hands, body, legs bending levels, the transfer of the right body weight.Devote a few classes slow elaboration is the base component of dance.
Create a dance variation, if it is allowed in your chosen genre.A number of st
eps and movements to help make dance alive, the individual, but the relevant requirements and canons.First sharpen variation at a slow pace and in the same day, try to dance to the music.
Break dance on several stages.Consistently teach each of them.Try to engage in the morning and evening, joining several new segments.If dance Man, as soon as possible go to work on stretches with a partner, and then dance to the music.
Find a video with a sample of dance and watch it regularly in training.Celebrate important details for yourself, compare with their own level.Try to dance in sync with the professionals.
If you need to learn the dance in a short time, replace the complex elements easier.Otherwise, at the time of presentation you will be afraid of the element, and you can forget the whole composition.Identify the places where permissible deviation from the rules of improvisation.