popular ingredient for feeding on bream are corn or wheat bread crumbs.Most also use hemp or sunflower meal.Cakes you can replace the roasted sunflower, rape, hemp.Make sure that the proportion of oil-yielding seeds in the bait was three times less than that of the cake.
Fry in bait millet, buckwheat, peas.Fry until golden brown "Hercules".Enter bran in the bait.Pre-fill them with boiling water overnight.Add bran already right on the pond when kneaded.Just proceed with oilcake.
you will get great results if you use milk powder in the bait.It creates a cloud
in the water, which strongly attracts bream its dregs.Remember that milk does not satisfy the cloud fish.
You can use whole fat milk, just type it into a mixture of dry bait for the day before the application on the pond, because long-term storage of whole milk leads to a reaction with the other components of the bait, entails rapid oxidation of milk fats.The bait will be bitter as a result.
If you cook catch bream on the feeder, you need a special feeding.Boil half a kilo of millet with the addition of a bag of vanilla sugar.Millet has to seethe.During cooking, add the corn chaff in the amount of half a kilogram.
The resulting mush add crushed "Hercules", breadcrumbs and crushed sunflower meal.Additional components must be hot.All solid seeds carefully grind.So you dramatically increase the surface area of ​​the water, which stand out and fragrant flavors of your bait.
Many fishermen in the final stage of preparation of bait especially for bream added ballast, which is used as an ordinary river sand.He serves as a leavening agent, so if some of you would bring the sand up to 70% of the total amount of your bait, you will be able to give up chemical leavening agent.Enter the ballast of the bait in place by the pond.