you need
  • beans, cardboard box, two coins or buttons, markers, colored paper, felt, scissors, glue
There is an old Russian fun - the game "Fleas. "It requires quite a bit of simple objects: a small box with a height of 4-5 cm, and three dozen colorful "flea beetles."Fleas themselves are traditionally circular plates the size of a large button.Rib plates must be ground off slightly.By pressing these "fleas" jump.The faster and harder you push down, the higher jumps this shell.
In the old days, "beetles" were making out of wood.If you decide to resort to wood, choose a linden.Suitable for this purpose and common buttons of different colors - two, three or four (the number of playing).Very nice and simple "beetles" you get if you take a grain of beans, it is desirable to use fasolink
i two colors.
Prepare the playing field.It can be done from an ordinary box from under sweets.The carton may be rectangular or even circular.Okleyte box with colored paper.Make one-color bumpers and bottom of the box is divided into two parts, each of which having its own color.At the bottom line, apply markup - circle in the center of the field and half circles on each side near the "gate."Playground for our "fleas" is ready.
Take a piece of felt or other dense material.From it cut two small circles.As a template is convenient to use a coffee cup, which can be simply cut around the contour.Disks need for some versions of the game.The fact that fasolinki better jump with a soft surface.
version of the game can be any number, it does not always need the playing field.Founded game jumping "beetles".Click on the edge of a coin or bean button, and it will bounce like a live flea.It now remains only to establish the rule: to get "fleas" in a bowl, cover with a "flea" other, compete in the distance, which is able to jump on your "flea", etc.
When using options to the board will need two players.Golf put in front of him.Players with an equal number of "beetles" are located in front of the field.The task - to get the beans in the opposite goals.If you hit the color, can be picked up from the field, "flea" and use it at the next course.If the "Flea" was half the opponent without hitting the gate, bean remains in place, points will not be awarded.The game lasts until one of the players will not end all the "Fleas."The number of "beetles" may be different, for example, each team can put on the field for ten fasolinok.
This game is virtually a penny, and to make it possible, together with the children in just 15-20 minutes.Play and have the pleasure of ancient Russian fun.