Before the game, each participant makes a bet - puts at stake pre-agreed amount of money.The die is determined by the first deliverer, hereinafter - the players are dealt cards in a clockwise direction at a time.
sure to thoroughly shuffled deck, after which each player is given 3 cards (one for each delivery).Deck put the center of the table and not touched until the next delivery.The top card is opened, it becomes a trump card.
Play always have the deliverer and the player to the left of him, the other members have the right to choose: to play, fold, fold, and replace them with others from the top deck.
If any of the players found three cards of the same suit (so-called jerk), that player wins without
drawing.He opens his cards and lays them on the table, and his rivals, starting with the player to the left of the winner taking on the cards from the deck.Each participant must pay the winner a sum of money that corresponds to the number of points, that fell to him stranded on the map.According to the generally accepted value of the cards in counting the ace gives you 11 points, the king - 4 lady - 3 points, Jack - 2 points, the value of the remaining cards valued at par.
Khlyustov If no one turned out to be the first player to the left of the deliverer, you can go to any card.Other participants also go on the map in a clockwise sequence.The card must be put in the suit, and if there are none, you need to put a card up specks on the table, and on it one more card krapom down (covered in "ohlupku").The player whose card was the eldest, all the bribe takes himself.Con party wins, who took bribes 3.The player, who managed to get two receiving bribes from the losers a predetermined share of a Cohn.The player gets only one bribe, gets nothing.If no one is able to take 3 bribes, the money put on the line, do not accrue to anyone and go to the next game.