Tip 1: How to learn to dance belly dancing at home

Oriental dance not only incredibly beautiful and fascinating, but also useful for women's health.Through these dance classes are training back muscles, waist, arms, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and abdomen, increases endurance, flexibility and grace there is movement, besides a great breathing exercises.It is not surprising that more and more girls are willing to deal with them.You can learn how to belly dance and home conditions.
you need
  • Comfortable clothing for training, video tutorials oriental dance
Before classes, buy clothes that will dance, or select it-That from the existing wardrobe.Clothes should not hamper your movements, but it is too broad, too, should not be.For example, you can wear a short shirt and leggings.In this garb, you can well see all your movements will be easier to notice your mistakes and shortcomings.You can buy more hip scarf, embroidered with beads or coins.Chime coins some girls helps to better feel the rhythm of the music.
Select the method by which you study oriental dances .Information on the direction of the dance enough in the literature and on the Internet.Perhaps better to read about belly dance, learn the history, so there are some areas, what kind of music is performed by this wonderful dance.
And then you can proceed directly to employment.It is better to use video tutorials.In stores you can buy a whole series of CDs with belly dancers.Usually in such series, the first disc is dedicated to the study of the basics of the dance, you know, what are the main movements exist, learn how to keep the posture, learn the basic provisions of the arms and legs, and possibly learn their first dance.On the ensuing drive, you will learn many new movements Teach the more complex, but also more interesting dance productions.
If you do not want to spend money to buy disks, a lot of video lessons is on the Internet.Some videos can be downloaded, while others look online.Plus this method is that you can deal with by the lessons that you like best.Less well it is that sometimes have to go through a lot of material before you find what you want, and the content and quality.And, of course, to achieve any results, doing the house, you need to have a pretty strong will to force yourself to exercise regularly, and without it well to study all the details of belly dance you do not succeed.

Tip 2: How to learn oriental dance

Belly dancing has long fascinated men in the East.Like everything east, this dance is now at the peak of popularity in Europe and in Russia.In the East, it is able to dance almost every woman.He is inculcated from childhood, and for them it is as natural for us to be able to read and write.But dancing is not for everyone, but only for her husband.I think that Russian men are not averse to watch their charming little wife erotic twist hips.

Russian women belly dancing is popular not only as a dance, but also as an excellent means to support yourself in shape and find curvy figure.

So, learn to dance belly dancing.Belly dance - a taxi, the dance and the shaking.
Oriental dance - it
Taksim - slow dance.Dancer slowly and smoothly moves improvising, playing with his body, turning the viewer displays all the beautiful curves of her body.All Taksim dancer stands on virtually the same place.And the music is a little behind it, creating a feeling of slow motion.
dance - this is the second part of the show, is a more rhythmic movements under the appropriate music, writing his body wave, arabesques, making passes.
Shaking - the vibration of the body, in which the only move my knees.The main thing at this stage of the dance - to keep his rhythm, which does not always have to match the rhythm of the music.
dance you must be the most fun.If you feel some pain - you are overdone.
Helpful Hint
All elements of dance can go in a different sequence.For the execution of the dance movements are now many use modern music and additional accessories, such as scarves.Clothing for the traditional oriental dance: bodice, skirt and belt with tinkling pendants.

Over time, as you become experienced, you will be able to move your hands in a different rhythm than the body.It is important to learn how to adjust your body to the rhythm.It is best if you practice under the guidance of a coach.But the house can be given to dance, buying a CD with a guide to the art of dance.
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