Tip 1: How to learn to dance the male striptease

ability to dance the male striptease young man can be useful for the respective works in a nightclub or to make a surprise his girlfriend.To see if you can do this dance as their primary occupation in life, try to execute it first for the one nearest to you ladies.
you need
  • - comfortable and attractive clothes and underwear;
  • - pleasant music;
  • - scented candles.
Organize good lighting for your dance.The most sexy you look in the light of the red lamps or candles.Be careful with candles - shot and discarded clothing may fall on a burner and ignite.Purchase a set of aromatic oils that contribute to sensory stimulation.Pour a few drops of oil in a special lamp and light a candle under ney.Muzyku choose based on their preferences and tastes of your passion.Try to do some dancing and erotic movements in different rhythm, stop on the way in which you feel free and relaxed.
Buy new and high quality underwear.It is possible that the right to strip and you will not find in a
regular store.Go to the lounges for adults to choose a few pairs of pants and shorts - you also need to povertetsya front of the mirror at home, taking a variety of erotic striptease pozy.Spetsialno for and buying outdoor clothing is not worth it, unless, of course, it will not be your work.Ask in advance his mistress, a costume for a man excites her most.It may well be that she worships the young people in threadbare jeans and a simple shirt-alcoholic.
Rehearse all of their movements in the mirror.Place the disc with male striptease and performed by professionals and repeat the dance with them.Better yet, buy the video tutorials and follow the masters in this field.Select a location for the erotic dance in order not to stumble on chairs and not all parts of the body to fight the sharp corners.Removing passionately different sets of clothing, stop for a fact to which you refer is easiest.
most risky in the male striptease e piece toilet - it's socks and shoes, so at the initial stage is better to abandon these items.Go barefoot - that in itself is sexy!Engage in a dance the lady - let it undo the button of his trousers, catch your shirt or tie.Touched her in a dance, caress and kiss, but without making it too - the girl can not wait for the end of your dance!Give trousers or jeans to slide freely over the hips and fall at your feet.Now it is important to get rid of them, not zaputavshis.Kazhdoe their movements are accompanied by rhythmic rockings hip muscles demonstration or simulated sexual intercourse.
Do not be afraid to be funny - it will forge your moves and you'll look really silly.Even if it happens some incident, no big deal, because you loved one.The woman understands your anxiety and help you finish the dance with dignity.

Tip 2: How to striptease

Strip - the most intimate dance that you can imagine.Much more often we hear about female striptease than about men.

But the ability to undress beautiful music of not only the women, male striptease exists and is very popular.Unfortunately, men are not professional dancers, rarely imagine how to properly striptease - so to please the spectator, and not to look at the same time comical.However, the theoretical basis of incendiary Monty is very simple, you need to learn a few simple rules and to devote a certain amount of time training.Dancing striptease, try to keep the external coldness, especially if you do it the first time.Clothes you can choose any, but the best one that is known like the man for whom you're going to dance.It looks good in this case and the classic suit and tie, and pants with a shirt, and jeans with a sweater, even a rough mating.

main thing - try to remain a mystery, and the naked body is not evident (shorts or bridges will not work).Moreover, almost all women love to look at the men who wear long pants or jeans, but dancing topless.In no case do not wear socks - beautiful withdraw that item of clothing is extremely difficult.Try to choose a rhythmic music, but at the same time pleasant.All your movements should be smooth and unhurried - plastic must demonstrate self-confidence and inner strength.If you believe in your appeal, you should be able to learn how to dance a striptease.Take off her clothes, slowly and gracefully, you can bring to this process, the Lady - for example, ask her to undo the belt.

more often turns to her back, shaking his hips at the same time - so you can show the beauty of their buttocks.Fast and beautiful movement, try to remove the jeans or pants to clothes on you had only underwear.Pulling the edge tempting movement suggest mates to finish the session undressing himself.

Some basics Monty, you can look at the commercials posted on the Internet by professional dancers (find here http://video.yandex.ru/)

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