to record the broadcast took place without any problems, you should have a high-speed connection, download and install the program to capture.This is best done using Camtasia Studio.Since the video capture function is unstable, the easiest way to record broadcast , capturing images from the screen.
Open the link that will be broadcast video.If you do not have built-in browser of the player, most likely you will be asked for the opening of broadcasting in the program installed on your computer.By default, the Windows Media Player.
Start capture Camtasia Record and sliders set the size of the window, which will be recorded.If you want to be seen only the live image, adjust the frame inside the player.The entire shaded area of ​​the screen in "Lens» Camtasia Record will no
t fall.
Adjust program parameters to record audio.Put down the dates of your microphone settings, through which you can record your comments of what is happening, or stereomikshera, recording all the sounds coming in the sound card.
Adjust the video.Click on the arrow next to the picture of the microphone and select additional parameters «Options».The maximum video quality is at a value of «Screen capture frame rate» is 30. If you want to capture broadcast from the camera, in the same tab you can set and its parameters.Only in this case, the main panel will need to turn it on: «Webcam on».
When everything is set up, at the time of launching the translation click on the panel of the capture of the red button «Rec».After recording, press the «Stop» or «Pause», if the broadcast was interrupted for a while.A window with preview.Click «Save & amp;edit », select where to save the file, and select the resolution .avi.
After saving the file will automatically open another tool - Camtasia Studio, where you can finally choose the capacity in which to save the video.