you need
  • - educational literature;
  • - video courses.
Select a place to study.You will need quite a large space, and full-length mirror.Purchase a CD with dance lessons your desired style.First, learn how to perform the most simple basic movements.The base will help you to easily perform more complex techniques of dance.
fulfills every movement to automaticity.Even if the basic techniques will seem too simple, do not neglect them.Without proper training your dance may seem clumsy.Start learning from the lightest movement, a smooth transition to the more complex.
Try combining several elements of dance.Try not to drive themselves into any frame, the movement should be natural
transition smoothly into each other.
Do not attempt to engage in alone, outside perspective helps you determine the degree of preparation.Others also point to errors and roughness, and you work on complex elements separately.
if you choose to go on special courses.It will be expensive, but you get the training.Otherwise, the model the motion of the mirror or with another person - always easier to learn together.
to discos or parties will suffice and the basic techniques of dance.For a more in-depth training it takes a long time.Music and rhythm it will tell you how to move.Release your body and do not think about every turn of foot.
not hesitate.You need to feel comfortable on the dance floor, then your movement will be easily and freely.Pre rehearse their dance to all the methods in harmony with each other.Do not try to learn by heart the sequence of movements, improvisation, too, must be present in your composition.