To draw a square, create a document of size 512 by 512 pixels, filled with dark gray color model RGB.Take the tool Pen (Pen) and paint at the bottom of a small rectangular area - the future of the umbrella handle.
Open style properties to the created object and add an inner shadow and inner glow.Set the appropriate tab with the right gradient color transition (for example, from white to yellow, mimicking the yellow metal) with the parameter Linear.
Pencil tool on the handle make a thick horizontal stripes in one pixel, and then create a new layer and while holding th
e Ctrl key, click on the drawn pen, make a selection.Move the selection arrow keys just above and fill it with black fill.Then, slide the release of another pixel up.Click Delete.
Copy and paste selected area on a layer as many times as you want to get stripes on the handle.Set the blending mode to Soft Light and set the transparency to 30%.In the setting of a layer set a small shadow.
With the Ellipse tool draw a small black oval, which will give the handle of the umbrella cylindrical shape.Apply a layer with several oval style settings - Set shadow, gradient fill, gradient handles the same, and then select the oval shape by moving the selection 1 pixel down.Fill the selection with black.Thus creating a figure of five pixels wide.Fill it with a gradient.
Detail the umbrella handle additional effects and remove the unnecessary elements that go beyond it.
Now draw a long handle umbrella - a very long and narrow rectangle.Fill it with a gradient, simulating the texture of the metal.Add handle shade.
After the loan directly to the creation of the umbrella canopy.Awning is assembled from several segments.Create a new layer and draw a Pen tool shape repeats the shape of one of the sections between the spokes of an umbrella.
Paint desired color segment using a gradient, releasing dark and light areas of the image.Apply to the length of the tent in the shadow of the inner layer settings.Style select the radial gradient (Radial).Repeat the creation of a panel twice.Then flip the mirror panel and complete the formation of the umbrella canopy.Click Flatten image to merge layers.
Now, open the Edit menu and click the Free Transform Flip horizontal.Add the shadow of the tent on a long stick umbrella with the help of the newly created layer and the vertical gradient from black to white.

set the layer blending mode to Multiply.
umbrella draw on top of a small narrow rectangle, fill it with metallic gradient and add a shadow.It remains to apply the finished image filters Motion blur of 30 px and Gaussian blur 1,5 px.Your three-dimensional drawing is ready.