Tip 1: How to make a fishing rod

How to be if you suddenly decided to catch some fish and bait at the same time did not take with him.In this article you will read how to make a bait with the materials at hand.

The first step is to make a rod.For him, the best fit these kinds of wood: birch, hazel, wild cherry, but you can take a maple or willow.The length of the cut rods should be at least three meters.

Before you assemble the bait rod is necessary two-thirds oshkurit sharp object: a piece of glass or a knife.Lesko size from 0.15 to 0.3 should be tied to the fishing rod, since the middle of the rod, securing at the end of the rod (wrapping around the top).This can be done using adhesive tape, adhesive tape, or simply tie a knot.The line should be longer than the rod of about 30 cm.

After fixing the fishing line cook and fasten the float.To do this, you must take an ordinary stick, or a piece of cork bark and tie a loop in the middle of an ordinary fishing line.Here it is necessary to attach the float sinker, which can serve as

a small nail incised pellet nut.The cargo should be fixed at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the float.

If you have not turned off the hook, it can be made of safety pins, thin steel wire, or go in search of any fisherman who will lend you a hook.If you still fisherman did not find and did hook yourself, remember - it must first sharpen (any pebble), and secondly, when you catch a fish - do not let the slack because the fish fall through (the hook will drop out of the mouth).The hook is attached (tied) to the line node, and your rod is fully ready.

If you make the bait does not work, you can make donk, which is perfect for fishing.Take a long a thick line, fix its end sinker.Separately, take a thin leash tied to the hook and fix it at a distance of 10-15 cm in front of the load.It remains only to plant and throw bait or donk away from the shore into the lake.The end of the rod secured to the shore with the help of threads, pegs, or standing next to a tree, put a small weight on the line to see the bite.

In this article, we told you that make the bait with their hands out of scrap materials and easy, especially when there is a great desire to catch fish.

Tip 2: How to make the bait with your hands

The simplest fishing tackle - is a float rod.Each of its components can be made with your own hands from the material at hand, are abundant in areas of human habitation.
Fishing rod with his hands
Modern fishermen can not complain about the meager assortment of fishing tackle, yet the ability to make the bait with your hands can be very useful, for example in emergency situations or for novice anglers who still are not surethat will be engaged in fishing the long haul.

Manufacturing rods

as the basis for the rod you can use any material - plastic, metal rod, wood.The easiest way to make a rod of wood: for this purpose is suitable hazel, wild cherry, larch, birch, rowan, or, as an extreme option - maple.The branch should be smooth and firm.The most successful and reliable rod obtained from wood from the autumn at times.

length of rod will depend on the place of the future of fishing: small, narrow ponds suitable branch length of about 2-3 meters when fishing from the shore of the lake or from a boat - 3-4.5 m. The branches of the trees should be planed with a knife, cutting away the excessknots and removing the thin skin to further wood is not lost its elasticity and flexibility.

To give the rod smoothness and eliminate various irregularities, it is necessary to carefully handle with sandpaper.To preserve the wood from water, it is desirable to soak branch linseed oil or vegetable oil, and after drying - lacquered.A good rod is lightweight, elasticity, flexibility and the ability to withstand 300 g weight of the load.

facilities rods

If there is no special device for winding and fixing the fishing line - motoviltse should be at the upper end of the rod to make a small cut wound on his fishing line and fasten it tight knot;if possible, attaching fishing line can be fixed with adhesive tape.Working length of fishing line should be about 30-50 cm longer than the length of the rod.To catch big fish suitable scaffold thickness of 0.3-0.8 mm, for medium and small - up to 0.25 mm.Replace the line can purchase libertine into individual fibers sturdy rope, cut into thin cords lap belts or related shoe laces.

On the lower end of the line carefully fastened the hook.Replace manufactured industrially can hook flattened nail length of metal wire, safety pin or a part of the ring keychain.

Float for fishing line should be bright, visible on the water.As a self-made floats can be used cork, foam, bark or feathers of birds, cleaned and weighted down by using pieces of wood.The shape of the float must be such that it could float vertically plunging by about a third of its length.

At a distance of 12-15 cm from the hook on the fishing line is attached sinker weighing 1-3, Georgia ensures the vertical position of the float and dive for fish bait to the desired depth.As a self-made sinkers can use the nut, bolt, lead plate, compression or fishing line around the nail.