you need
  • - material for the card;
  • - a marker or pen;
  • - varnish or laminate;
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - printer.
Cut out of cardboard the desired number of cards.They should be the same size, with a smooth edge, it was not possible to distinguish one from another.For them, they can go and other materials.For example, wood, plain paper (then they very quickly lose appearance) or plastic.The main thing - to place on one side of the title character.There are several versions of the game.In it, in addition to civilians and the Mafia, perhaps Commissioner, reanimating Commissioner, Detective, the jailer, a priest, a journalist, a donor, a judge, and many others.The game "Mafia" is regularly improved and updated.
Draw one side of the card the same geometric pattern.This will be their shirt.If you are not confident in their art data can leave this side of white paint over it in one tone or print any pattern on the printer.Picture Size can be arbitrary, but you should not do them too big.Ideally card must be fully hidden hand playing.
Select one of the games.Decide what the participants there will be.In addition to civilians and the Mafia in attendance will be over 30 different choices of players.Usually in "Mafia" game company from 8 to 20 people.If more people would be very difficult to listen to everyone, and rounds can last too long.
On the reverse side of the cards, draw pictures with captions.Mafia is best done in dark colors, and civilians - in red or light.Names of card write clear handwriting to avoid misunderstandings.
Laminate all maps, or simply cover them with lacquer.Once again, make sure that they are completely identical.Otherwise, the game will be quite interesting.Let them dry.Now you are ready to play.
If you do not want to draw or do not possess the necessary artistic data, get the cards for a game of "Mafia" on the Internet and print them.