There are several ways of fixing the fishing line to the rod.First, determine the length and thickness of line depending on the expected weight and the rod catch.If you are often dealing with a big fish, but the reliability vershinki doubt, further tighten the line for the second knee, fitted with an eyelet.In this way, even if the break apex when playing, the line would not get confused and will not be lost.
This repeatedly and firmly wrap it around vershinki, and then slide the tubing tightly.If you do not good enough, the following vyvazhivaniya apex may bend and cut the fishing line from
the tabs to the gum will be very tight.
Most often anglers use the method of fixation using pins.It is very simple and reliable, however, you need to install additional detail.Stainless steel springy wire diameter of 0.3 mm make the pin.
strapped it to the rod tip caproic or silk thread and cover with water resistant varnish.Get to the tip of the pin rests against the rod tightly and spring.Insure dope pin, pulling his fishing line after refueling.
Finish snap segment thick fishing line, because it can cut the hairpin under heavy loads.The resulting trailer not allow entanglement of fishing line around a hairpin.
When assembling the hollow rod rigging scaffold wrap on motoviltse, and then secure it to the rod tip vinyl chloride rubber tube.You can also secure it to the wire eyelet.Since the fishing line will not be pinched.
free end of the fishing line along the length of the rod tip up hook can match the length of the rod or slightly higher than at 0.8-1.0 m. If you leave the line greater length, it can get confused, makevyvazhivanie cast and will be difficult.
Modern fishing rods rather expensive.Be careful how while fishing or during transport.And then your passion will bring you a lot of fun and a big catch.