you need
  • - internet;
  • - negotiating skills;
  • - persuasion;
  • - acting skills;
  • - shooting skills;
  • - ability to work with his hands.
Leave your profile in the agencies involved in the selection of actors and extras for the filming.Usually such agencies exist at each studio.Of course, contact the studio reliable.But there are independent agencies.Ask your friends, read on various forums for novice actors, some of them can be trusted.These services are usually paid.As in the studio and in the independent agency.Approximate cost assigned to the base profiles - from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.At the same time you have a large
enough chance to participate in the filming of the "big" movies.
Look at specialized forums with young directors.For example, students or graduates of film schools.Perhaps you will be able to get on the set of short fiction film .Do not neglect the student's creativity.Still, it's starting to professionals, and you can teach them something very important for myself or just watch the filming filma.Vashim advantage is the ability to take pictures and the presence of the camera.On the ground often need a photographer who zasnimet the process of making a film on the inside and out.Therefore you budding filmmakers will be happy.
Arrange working on the set.Many well-known figures of cinema and television, and this is how we started.Often physically strong people are required to mount or transport the scenery.This work is good its inconspicuous.You go on the court, in the interest of all your work.The responsibilities will include - the presence on the site from the beginning to the end.And nobody bothers you during the creative work do not smoke on the sidelines and observe the work of the crew, to see how the director managed by the actors as an artist corrects make-up, and the operator adjusts the optics.Depending on what you do is interesting.