For security reasons, just to see the passwords can not be at the Opera.All information is stored in encrypted form."Master Password" will help you remember only the login password is displayed as asterisks.To recover passwords in Opera you need to know some of the secrets of this browser.
First, open the Opera browser and click on the link
Locate the "Wand + capture + report".Use the mouse to drag it on top of the browser.
Right-click on top of the Opera.This opens the context menu.In
the menu, select "Settings", then select 'Registration'.
In the open window "Design" tab, look for "Buttons".On the left you will see a list item "My Buttons".From this window, again with the mouse, drag the button "Wand + capture + report" on top of the browser.
Go to the site to which you need to remember the password.Click on the new button "Wand + capture + report", there are now on top of the browser.On the screen appears "Javascript", where it will be stored in Opera Set password.To access the site, click "OK".