Tip 1: How to learn to dance belly dance

Belly Dance known since ancient times, today it is an extremely popular form of dance - exotic and feminine.He develops the plasticity of the female makes her feel her feminine power, be graceful and strengthen different muscle groups, which has a beneficial effect on the health and prolongs youth.Learn to dance the dance of the belly the power of every woman of any age and physique - the basic technique you are able to learn on their own.
easiest way to enroll in specific courses of oriental dance, which are in every city, but if you for some reason do not want to start to learn the dance with a teacher can use teaching lessons on DVDas well as text instructions on the Internet.Working on the motions, do not forget about their supply - there are important emotions, eyes, facial expressions and moods that you allot dance.
start learning belly dance with simple flowing movements of the hips - slide right and left thigh, while trying to preserve the immobility of the uppe
r body.Then complicate the task - without ceasing to move his hips, change the position of the body, for example, bend back and forth.Be sure to dance to the music, to learn to listen to it and get in the rhythm, highlighting its emphasis body movements.
addition to smooth movements thighs, there are sudden movements - kicks up and down and shaking her hips, which are slow and fast.Start with the slow development of shaky images, alternately lift your hips to the music.
Then, when you feel able to make more rapid shaking, accelerating the pace, but be careful to quickly shaking was as emphatic and clear, as well as slow.Such bumps are usually carried out on a full foot in both legs, but you can also bring one foot forward, making movement difficult and graceful.
Introducing foot forward and making shaking hips, you create a beautiful rocking effect, and can also perform a variety of arc, eight, sliding, circles and other movements.
Moving into the dance, use the Side step, which allows graceful swing her hips, and then try to combine the Side step with the wave - it is the body weight transfer on the front foot, and at the same time making waves chest and abdomen.
Separately Practice carry eight hips - in fact, in this exercise, you draw your hips in the air a horizontal figure eight around.Apply left hip slightly to the left and slide it left round of eight, keeping heels on the floor.Then pull the thigh as much as possible back and draw a second round of eight right hip.Fixated exercise.Then try to hold her hips perfect circle around their own body without bending your back and keeping the hood body.
To perform rocking hips, post right leg forward, stand up on your toes and in turn move the right and left hips, rolling from foot to foot.
learn the basic fundamentals of dance, you can move on to more complex movements - for example, to the dome and rolled, performed belly.
legs while dancing keep the knees slightly bent, and hands vskinte up and move them gracefully, accompanying and emphasizing the body movements.

Tip 2: How to dance belly dance belly dance

itself is fascinating and is not given to each woman.But the basics of oriental art form is not so difficult to learn.
How to dance belly dance
you need
  • ballet shoes on their feet, sports leggings, special hip scarf with embroidered ornaments jingling disks with Eastern melodies.
Oriental dancing - this in addition to the execution of movements and the atmosphere created by the music.For the first lessons you should not select for musical accompaniment sophisticated classical oriental melodies.You can stay at the popular songs of Tarkan and Mustafa Sandal.
Oriental dance performance built on certain elements, movements that accompany the lyrics.That is, there is a combination of words, and it corresponds to the movement.For example, in the song of the beloved, "Habibi".This word is usually dancer hands pressed against his chest, his heart.
Oriental dance without reason called belly dancing.The movements of this part of the body are the basic elements of dance and at the same time the most difficult to execute.For a beautiful rendition of waves rolling should have a completely uninhibited, soft belly.What is meant is not a big stomach, as many people think, and not pumped press, which is absolutely impossible to relax.In the solar plexus you should not have any muscle and psychological clamps.In dance, it is important to learn to relax and stretch the stomach to inhale and exhale in a certain rhythm.At the same time your face should be completely relaxed, no clenched teeth and jaw tense.
Movement hips - one more card of bellydance.In music, the east a lot of drum rhythms and beats.They are accompanied by movements of the hips: gluteal shaking in a circular motion, eights.It is important not to clamp the pelvis (such as yoga), but rather to fulfill the elements of "open" hips.Belly dance in their dance style chaste, but its implementation requires the accumulation of all women feminine.
actively involved in dance hand.But at the same time work and back muscles, and neck.In dance, you need to keep the back straight, do not slouch.Do not be afraid to open your hands in motion, to show their beauty.The abundance of rings and bracelets on their hands will only strengthen their attractiveness.Gestures are a very important part of the dance - they can tell you about love, and you can erase from your heart.
If you have a chronic disease or were injured in the past, be sure to tell the instructor.You may have to restrict the execution of some elements.
Helpful Hint
course, begin to learn to dance belly dancing is better under the leadership of an experienced choreographer.The coach will be able to supply you with the right basic elements of movement, will dance the base, you will be able to develop further on their own.
Belly dance.
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