No matter what you write in your blog network, you should follow a few simple rules for its completion.This will involve reading his blog new readers and retain old fans of your creativity.
Most readers network focused on visual images.Therefore, should be aware of psychological patterns and characteristics of visual perception of human information.
One of the main rules of representation of visual images based on the so-called "Miller's magic number."The essence of this effect lies in the fact that each person is able to effectively perceive and memorize a limited number of pieces of information, namely 7 plus or minus 2. In other w
ords, for a person to deal comfortably with five to nine sense or visual blocks.
In accordance with this feature in the design of the blog, try to break up text messages to his diary it is the number of blocks (the number of messages per page, the number of paragraphs in the report, the number of sentences in a paragraph, etc.) ToIncidentally, the number of sentences in each paragraph does not exceed three or four, otherwise the text will be difficult for the understanding and perception.Separate paragraphs from each other by a space.
Miller The same rule applies to the placement of the graphics that you use in the design of the diary.Extensive photo gallery where pictures or photos on the page are restricted, can avert your blog even the most loyal readers.Try not to overload the posts images of one or two images to the message will be quite enough.
no secret that creative flow of consciousness, is splashed on the pages of your diary, it is sometimes difficult to stop.But still try to send the stream to a quiet and measured direction.If the message is too long, spare the reader and break the text into two or three unrelated posts.In the end, decide what is more important - is elementary to speak or make you read with unflagging attention and interest?The choice is yours.